Children and Grandchildren of

Thomas SYDNEY Williams

Thomas Sydney Williams

1786 - 1869

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ERRORS in transcribing or copying details seem very evident with genealogy - internet websites (and even some books) are often full of errors, and many sites listing the Williams family are not exempt. So it is the intention here to present the most accurate details on these pages as possible. The family is fortunate to have several people whose interest in family history has enabled these pages to be compiled. If your own records differ to what you find here, please SEND A NOTE and it will be forwarded to someone to check it out.

YOU will find that the main site has a number of sizeable articles, and some dates or places do conflict, as items have been quoted verbatim from autobiographies etc. These differences we hopefully have sorted, and the Sydney Williams descendants details are as accurate as possible. Use the 'search' function on the main page if you wish to dig deeper into early history of the family, or to follow the siblings of, or parentage of TSW.

THE main credit leading to the details on these pages belongs to Thomas SYDNEY Williams himself, whose family records from his Bible are quite detailed. Information has been also been collated from the autobiography of Edmund Sydney Williams, and the works of several very ardent enthusiasts over the years to help piece together an accurate as possible record.

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