Third Testament Audio Excerpts - Page 5. 'LISTEN TO ME!'

Short (1 to 3 minute) audio voice excerpts containing phrase 'Listen to Me', extracted from various Third Testament sermons by Donald Parnell.
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NOTE: If you wish to listen to the full content of the source message, it can be found here at the The Testaments website under 'audio' and the relevant year.
The titles below are not the Sermon names, so use the date given below if searching the website mentioned above: An excerpt beginning 14-0112_39 is showing the year month and date, and then the minutes (39) into the message where the excerpt starts. 14-0112 is the year 2014 the month of January and 12th day.

   13-0711_28 Listen to Me - The Bodies We Dwell In.   3 min. 53 secs.
   14-0112_39 Listen to Me - Foxes and Vipers.   1 min. 49 secs.
   14-0130_52 Listen to Me - Rapture Completed.   1 min. 50 secs.
   14-0209_101 Listen to Me - Dimensions Wrapped Around Earth.   48 secs.
   14-0313_75 Listen to Me - Your Thephany Fellowshipping.   2 min. 02 secs.
   14-0313_86 Listen to Me - The Carnal Mind Enemy.   2 min. 07 secs.
   14-0320_62 Listen to Me - Where the Battle Is.   2 min. 58 secs.
   14-0320_67 Listen to Me - A Personal Lucifer.   2 min. 4 secs.
   14-0327_21 Listen to Me - The Expression of God.   1 min. 08 secs.
   14-0327_53 Listen to Me - A New Creation.   1 min. 14 secs.
   14-0327_55 Listen to Me - Conversion of Human Spirit.   2 min. 08 secs.

The voice in the excerpts is of Donald Parnell and the excerpts are taken from the full length messages found at thetestaments.net. Use the audio (or video) and then Year tabs to navigate that site. The year and date is given on each excerpt (14-0609 is 2014 June 9th), and the place in minutes that an above excerpt begins on a message is the last number before the .mp3 file extension - for example '...connecting_terms09-86.mp3' starts at 86 minutes into the message.