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The Realignment Part 2 - Connecting Heaven and Earth

Summary of Sermon Spoken on 14th October 2010 by Pastor Donald Parnell, Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A.

God gave an announcement in heaven for a realignment of the Heavens and the Earth. It had to bring a realignment in the believers as the Heavens are tied into the Earth. The Wife of Christ is aligning herself to the Word and the Elect Lady is being caught up.

For those believers who received the diagram, 'The Sun Dial Of The Zodiac', we will be using it in the message this evening. Also, we will be using the diagram, 'The Five Senses Of The Body', which was sent out to the believers. We sent two diagrams to the believers on email this week. 'The Sun Dial Of The Zodiac', and 'The Senses Of The Body Of Christ'. If you have received those, we will be using them in the upcoming message. It may actually be the next message wherein we use these charts. The message 'Aligning The Universe' is the next message this coming Sunday. You will grow more from correcting mistakes than from counting successes.

God gave an announcement in heaven for a realignment of the Heavens and the Earth. It had to bring a realignment in the believers as the Heavens are tied into the Earth. The Wife of Christ is aligning herself to the Word and the Elect Lady is being caught up.

The ministry of the Lord that God gave me, started when I was a 13 year old boy in Lafayette, Indiana. September 27, 1967, 'Joseph The Dreamer'. I preached the message in a little house of a man named "Collins".

LUKE 17:24 to 26:  For as the lightning, that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven, shineth unto the other part under heaven; so shall also the son of man be in his day. But first must he suffer many things, and be rejected of this generation. And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the son of man.

The Theophany descends into the earth from the Cloud. Lightening descends from Heaven to Earth.

II TIMOTHY 3:1: This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

It is a revealing from the Sixth Dimension into these time dimensions. Each House of the Zodiac in the heavens receives the sun into its House for approximately 2000 years before moving into another House. The House of Taurus was the home of the sun from Adam to Noah. The House of Aries was the home of the sun from Noah to Jesus. Jesus was ending up the Aries House as He was an Aries, and He was screaming the message of the heavens, "I am".

The sun left Aries and made its home in Pisces for the Gentile Dispensation of 2000 years. Pisces is characterized as, "I believe". William Branham finished up the House of Pisces singing 'Only Believe'. The sun left the House of Pisces and made it home in Aquarius as of January 23, 1997; its home is in Aquarius for the next 2000 years.

We are in the Age of the "eye" as we are seeing all things now. The Church Ages ended, the Pisces finished and we entered into Aquarius with its reigning planet of Uranus = "father of the eye".

On January 23, 1997, when the sun moved into Aquarius there was a perfect six point star formed in the Zodiac heavens. This was showing that the Aquarian reign would bring into the Earth the manifestation of the Son of David Ministry. This is the manifestation that we are now completing.

'GOD'S PROVIDED WAY';     West Palm beach, Florida. 1st December, 1953.
E-25.  In a day of a greater civilization than this, a man out there building on an ark, that said it was going to rain, and it had never even been a cloud in the skies. For two thousand years since the World had been in existence, there'd never been a cloud, a clap of thunder, lightning or nothing else. But yet, God told him it was going to do it. Because his great spirit was going to push this World out of its cater, out there and lean it back and cause clouds to come. If God said so, it's going to be just the way God said it was going to be.

'PERSEVERANCE';     Jeffersonville, Indiana. 18th February, 1962.
64.  Noah... Well, you think science would have said to him... They had greater science than they do now. They could achieve greater accomplishments than they can now. They had a dye that makes things look perfect till this day. They had an embalming fluid that they could make mummies. We could not do that today, so I'm told. Then with another thing, they built the pyramid. Who could build a pyramid today? Them great boulders there as I stood there and looked up there and seen the sphinx, and, why, it'd take many flatcars to put its one foot on there. How did they get those boulders up in there? Where did they do it? Gasoline power won't do it. There's nothing that we have, 'less it would be the atomic energy, and that might've been the same thing that caused the antediluvian destruction, that throwed the World out of cater, and throwed it away from the sun, pushed it backwards and caused the rain.

The Earth got out of alignment because of manmade inventions and the Church got out of alignment because of manmade creeds and dogmas in the Church. Intellectual energy is alive and well in the Mess-age churches.

'THE GREATEST BATTLE EVER FOUGHT'; Jeffersonville, Indiana. 11th March, 1962.
10-3.  And when I thought about the--that being God's great army there... Now, we went to bed, and then I begin to think that not one of those get out of their place; they all set in place. And if there's a moving anywhere out of them, it's for a cause and will effect this Earth. We just seen the results of it now, from some of them moving into their other spots. It's effective; it effects everything.

10-4.  And I thought then, if that great heavenly host like that has to keep its place to make everything in order, what about the disorder of the Earthly host? How when one gets out of order, how it throws the whole thing out of cater. The whole program of God is upset when one member gets out of order. We should continually to strive to keep the order of the spirit.

'WHAT SHALL I DO WITH JESUS CALLED CHRIST?';     Jeffersonville, Indiana. 24th November 1963.
66.  And if one of those stars would start to the Earth, at ten thousand miles an hour, why, it would take it a hundred million years to get here; it's so far away. And two little stars setting, look like a inch apart, from here, ...

There is a consequence for stepping out of the order of God's Word. When you get out of order things die!! If you know you are not in of order yet, there is disorder; then you pray that God will move all things back in order or their will be a consequence.

 ... they're further apart than we are from them. And, yet, there is not one of them but what holds its place. And that great galaxy, oh, my, the massness and the vastness of God who could make those things! Each one has to hold the other one. That's the reason it stays the way it is. If they got out of cater, the whole system would fall.

66.  And if one of those stars would start to the Earth, at ten thousand miles an hour, why, it would take it a hundred million years to get here; it's so far away. And two little stars setting, look like a inch apart, from here, they're further apart than we are from them. And, yet, there is not one of them but what holds its place. And that great galaxy, oh, my, the massness and the vastness of God who could make those things! Each one has to hold the other one. That's the reason it stays the way it is. If they got out of cater, the whole system would fall.

67.  That's what happened in Eden. When eve got out of cater with the commandments of God, the whole race fell.

Each one has to hold the other one!!! We are our brother's keeper. Hold up one another's arms.

98.  In the days of Noah, remember, it had never rained upon the Earth. There had been no such a thing as rain. The World stood up, straight, just equal with the sun. It was disbelief and disobedience that throwed it out of its cater, makes it lean back, causes the hot and cold air to bring up the vapour from the seas, and make rain. It had never rained upon the Earth. And here comes a man out, saying that it's going to rain. Strange thing, but it was the Word of the Lord. Oh, I can hear science ...

[Allan47: Brother Branham said, "I've read the scripture, with a dozen or more evidences that we're living in the last day, the generation that would see Jesus Christ return to the Earth. And I say to you tonight again, this Day this Scripture is fulfilled in your sight."] Amen, Brother Allan. Jesus and the Pharisees were looking from different eyes.

'PARADOX';     Bakersfield, California. 6th February, 1964.
99.  You say, "well, now, how do you know they had science?" they built the pyramids in those days. We couldn't build them today. No. We haven't the material. We haven't the stuff to build them with, And we have no machinery to lift those boulders up there. It's still a mystery, to the World. They built it.

100.  Jesus said, "as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the son of man. As it was in that day, so will it be in the coming of the son of man."

'THE RAPTURE';     Yuma, Arizona. Saturday, 4th December, 1965.
47.  God lotted his Word out to each age, and each one of those age has to manifest that. And he also foreordained men for that age, to fulfil that Word. Every time he lotted his Word, he lotted a man for it. When he lotted Moses' time, he lotted Moses to it. When he lotted the time for the son of God to be born, he lotted him to it. Every age, he's lotted his man, foreordained, as the bible said. Nothing...

48.  If God is infinite, almighty, all powerful, omnipresent, omniscient, why, he knowed all things from the beginning. So, he knowed. There's nothing out of cater. It's just us that thinks it is. It's everything run. Look back in his Word and see what he's doing, then we'll have an understanding.

There's nothing out of cater!!! It just looks out of cater. Everything runs. Look into His Word and you will get an understanding. That is what I did!!! The Angel said to go to the Prophet's Message and you will receive your correction. I was out of alignment by the sex birth and my New Birth brought my earth body upright in the Scripture and it is perfectly aligned with the Word of the Day.

1st Exodus = natural Egypt to natural Israel
2nd Exodus = from natural law to spiritual land
3rd Exodus = spiritual to spiritual = this exodus has nothing to do with a natural move.

The third one is declared and we see it among us!!! What an exodus. It's in the Message, 'The Third Exodus'; go there and find your Deliverance. Our earth is Spoken Word Body now! The natural birth is not involved in this great move of God.

January 23, 1997, the sun moved into the House of Aquarius and on that date a great six point star was formed in the heavens showing the ushering in of the Son of David Ministry, the Third Coming of Jesus Christ. The astrologers said, "We have personally never seen the Star of David so perfectly aligned as when the Aquarius "started." The ruling planet of Aquarius is "Uranus".
Uranus = the father of the eye.

February 8, 1998, the supernova of 1987 had pictures taken and it showed three eyes. The two outer eyes had gone out and the inner eye had caught fire and was shining brightly. Samson's eyes went out and the inner eye. "Christ", took over the Heavens and the earth.

Uranus is the green planet = "the planet of change". It is the power of the single eye = "Christ": ... if your eye be single!  The father of the eye is the intelligence.  The intelligence is here and the Pillar of Fire (father) is ruling the sight of the Wife of Christ now.  "The kingdom of heaven is at hand."  Jesus made this statement: the Greek Word for heaven is "Oranus" or "Uranus".  The intelligence of God moved into the Earth.  "Uranus" turns things upside down and when it reveals the truth it looks opposite of what it should be.

"Aquarian alignment", 14th of February, 2009, showed the great House of the seventh one. The alignment came and embodied the perfect alignment. 'When the Moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars'. It aligned in the heavens and it is the peace prophesied from the mouths of Prophets. And God has a ministry in the Earth proclaiming the change.

The Prophet predicted it was the "issue" (Seed) of God coming forth into the earth. We came from the Cloud right after that message. We were dropped in seed-form from the Cloud in the Prophet's Day into earth bodies and now we are standing under the alignment preaching it 40 years later.

When Menachem Begin was the Prime Minister of Israel, a man from "Ohio" was told by God to go and meet the Prime Minister of Israel. So he went and he met the Prime Minister. Menachem begin asked why he was there to meet him and he said, "God sent me". Menachem begin asked why he had come and the man said, "I came because God told me to but I don't know why".

The Prime Minister said, "When you know why come back and let me know". The man went back to his hotel room. The present Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was met by this man and he anointed him with oil and declared him to be the Prime Minister of Israel. He told Menachem Begin and Begin called the Netanyahu family and offered a job to Benjamin Netanyahu on September 27, 1967.

Netanyahu is now in his 'second ride'. First time elected, second time assumed the office of the prior. Amen, we know that Israel is running a type of our reality. Our ministries started at the same time ... the 'second ride' just as we are doing. We have assumed the office of the Prophet and are taking this 'second ride' Home.

We just went to "India" and the first house we entered was "Enoch's house" we preached on the last day at "Enoch's house" ... Rueben and Benjamin in the house of Enoch, the rapture. At the same time the Chile mining incident was taking place and the 33 Chileans were in the cave deep beneath the earth. Thirty countries were there; and American technology brought them out. The capsule was called the "Phoenix", the bird that arises out of the ashes in a millennial reign. The "Phoenix" was sent to them for deliverance and its name is Pa-hanok.
Pa-hanok = Enoch.

The bird named the House of Enoch went down into hell and brought the men out. The American technology was from Ohio, the man drilling the hole was from Ohio, the glasses to keep from blinding the eyes were from Ohio. What is going on!!!????
Ohio = upper heavens.

It is not one man; it is a ministry from the upper heavens!!! It is a many-membered Body of Jesus Christ and He is showing our deliverance all around us. The flow of the Holy Spirit is now coming from the upper heavens, into the Earth. It is the pouring out the waters to the southern fish of "Chile", being delivered by the revelation of Enoch.

'THE INVISIBLE UNION OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST';     Shreveport, Louisiana. Thursday, 25th November, 1965.
34.  And we know that history is closing out. The World's history will soon be over, then we're going to step into a new day, to the great millennium. That, as one believer, I believe in the ... in a millennium, a millennium reign with Christ, a thousand years upon the Earth; the physical return of the Lord Jesus, to take a physical people, glorified, by his cleansing blood.

I believe the same thing! The cleansing blood of Jesus puts you in the millennium!!

35.  Paul here is giving an illustration, in our scripture, about the law and grace, and illustrating it like marriage and divorce. This passage is very seldom preached on, because it's, more or less, pertains to, like, marriage and divorce. But it also pertains to a greater portion of marriage and divorce, of how that he's trying to set in order here that we, as a--as a church, can no more be married to the World and to Christ, at the same time, and--and be legal and lawful about it, than it can be for a woman to be living with a husband while she's got a living husband.

We have never been married to anything but the Word, Christ Himself. We have been realigned and with this great understanding we now see that nothing has been out of cater. I just had to walk through an illusion to teach me from great lessons.

36.  Now, but I believe, also, is to my belief, that it unfolds one of the great mysteries of prophecy. And I hope that the Lord will help us, tonight, as we deliver this to our waiting people across the country.

Romans 7 takes on a greater alignment for us now. Put your glasses on from Ohio (the upper heavens) and get ready to fly away in the capsule of the Phoenix.

40.  May I add to this woman, grace. May I place her in the Bible, also, is called the elect lady, this miss grace I'm going to talk about. Know, the bible declares, said, "to the elect lady"; that, if you notice, "elect" come from the word "elected lady." one lady, amongst all the other ladies, was elected.

41.  Like, the virgin was to bring forth the body of God, on the Earth. She was an elected woman. God chose Mary.

42.  And, also, God has chose an elected lady, which is his bride. She's elected. I hope we're members of that, tonight, across the World, across the nation, rather.

You are a 'virgin flesh' that came by the Spoken Word; and we have always been "Christ's".

48.  Notice this character. When you see women just go on the rampage, just doing anything they want to do, watch, the church is doing the same thing. Notice.

49.  But watch when, the spiritual bride, when she begins to have a revival, when she begins to come back and line herself up with the Word of God. Watch then again, you see, how that the scriptures, at that time, there'll be a message sweep out to catch that bride, catch that woman, elect.

Notice, he said, "spiritual" bride! She will "again" have another revival. We have assumed the position of Revelation 10 and are finishing the final ministry of 10:8-11.

Please do not think that I am trying to make this a one-man ministry from a natural state of Ohio in the U.S.A. It is a little simple type of a great roaring Message moving across the Earth from the (Upper Heavens) Ohio. Christ in the entire body. The young man who drilled the deep hole for the Chilean workers finished his job of deliverance and then he packed and went home. He didn't stay to glory in the media. He said, "The deliverance is about them workers." Amen, that is my spirit! This is all about you, the Wife of Christ.

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