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Sermon text preached on 17th October 2010 by Donald Parnell, Pastor, Dayton, Ohio.

This is the full text, sourced from The Third Testament website under Books/Writings / Sermon Texts.

1. Lord Jesus, we come to You this morning, thanking You for another day to come and worship You in Word, in Spirit and Truth. We thank You for the freedom to come here and do so. We pray Father that You would continue Your River flowing. Lord, that You would continue to give us this time that we could do these things and enjoy Your messages, enjoy what You're showing us. Help us, keep us, lead us and guide us in the Name of Jesus Christ we ask these things, Amen.

2. You can be seated. It's good to be back this morning and to be serving the Lord. I was looking at things about this past decade, the things that had happened, and the different things that they were saying about it. Some of the top things, news-worthy stories I guess they call them, the catastrophes and everything else. Everything that went on over the last ten years; and I came across this poem and I want to read it. I just love it - I think it was a five year old boy that wrote it. It's in the top ten poems of the entire decade. I think it was written in 2005. He's five years old and he was in Africa; it's very simply written ... English wording is not the greatest; but it goes like this, and I loved it.

Who Are Really the Coloured People?
When I born I black
When I grow up I black
When I go in the sun I black
When I scared I black
When I sick I black
And when I die I still black
And you white fellas
When you born you pink
When you grow up you white
When you go in the sun you red
When you cold you blue
When you scared you yellow
When you sick you green
And when you die you grey
And you call me coloured?

3. I like that and I thought, you know so many times we have things we call people because of their geographical background or their genetics or whatever it might be, and we take the Bible and do the same thing. But sometimes we're just not right - that's all there is to it. You know - a child of God is a child of God no matter where they are geographically, no matter how much education they have, no matter what colour they are. I was just reading on the internet some issues that are in the Message. I go out and look once in a while and see what everybody's writing. And there's a big issue right now over 'serpent seed'. The election's coming up and everybody is talking about politics. You know how that goes - when you get mad at one another you start calling one another names. A little childish, but that's the way people do. And so they're going around and around about serpent's seed. "There's a certain people in the earth that are serpent's seed and there are people in the earth that are God's seed and it's all based on the flesh." "If you're born out of Adam", that's the way they're putting it, "then you're of God" ... "If you're born out of the serpent then you're of the devil". And "if you're after Abraham's seed you're of God", and "if you're not Abraham's seed then you're of the devil" ... on and on and on. So I'm reading through all of it and I'm thinking about this 'realignment', I'm thinking about everything. And I thought Lord that's one of the areas we'll go to and take a good look at it. Probably not this morning; but 'exactly what constitutes being a seed of God'.

4. You say, "Well, Brother Parnell, I think I already know that". Well that's because you go here! Most people around the world don't know that. All I have to do is read what they are writing and I know they don't know what constitutes a seed of God. And we're trying to realign and bring these things up. Now I would just have this to ask, "If Cain was of the devil and Abel was of God born in the flesh, the difference being one of them was Adam's son, and one of them was the serpent's son, and you judge it by the flesh, then what Calvary was for?" You know, "Why did He spill His Blood? If Abel didn't need a sacrifice why did He spill the blood? And if Cain couldn't accept the sacrifice why spill the blood?"

5. So it has nothing to do with the flesh; absolutely nothing to do with the flesh. If it had anything to do with the flesh, if it had anything to do with judging the flesh, I'm sure that probably a lot richer and smarter people or more educated people than us would be the one's going in, and we would be left out! But it has nothing to do with the flesh, and there's a scripture that even tells us that. I know people don't like this when you read it, and I'm going to read it. I sent it to a brother and I told him he ought to be ashamed of himself the way that he was trying to bring out who is God's and who's not, basing it on the flesh. And the scripture that I had sent him is where Paul was talking to the people in Thessalonica and Athens and he was discussing with them the Seed of God. He said, "We're the offspring of God"; that we breathe and have our breath, we walk and we live by God. Then he comes down and he says,

ACTS 17:23: For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, 'TO THE UNKNOWN GOD'.

6. So they had an altar setting there, Brother Sam, and they had it written on the altar, 'To the Unknown God'. Well at least they were honest! They didn't know What they were worshiping. So Paul looks at them and says, "I see this inscription written out on your altar, 'To the Unknown God' " ...

Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you.

They had thought that God was an Unknown God, that He couldn't be seen; that He was 'a Floater in the air', that He floated around and talked to Abraham, He floated around, did this and that, and He was unknown. He was unseen, He was untouchable; 'un'... this, 'un'... that. So they just put an inscription up that said ... 'You know, that thing that Abraham and all his seed worship' ... that 'Unknown God'. They claimed, "We've got gods you can see in statutes. We've got gods you can see in temples. We've got all of these gods. Let's just put an altar up to this 'Unknown God' ".

7. And Paul said, "This 'Unknown God' that you say you can't see - Him, I declare unto you."

24 to 26: God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in temples made with hands; Neither is worshipped with men's hands, as though he needed anything, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things; And hath made of ...

Two bloods? Oh it doesn't say that Brother Rob; what does it say? One Blood!

... And hath made of one blood ...

Well, you know ... what in the world is all this writing about; all these 'devils' and all these 'good people', and it's all based on whether you come out of the serpent's seed or whether you come out of Adam, or whether you done this and that. 'God had made of one blood'...

... all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

8. Now you say, "Brother Parnell, Brother Branham didn't use that scripture when he preached 'Serpent's Seed'". I know he didn't, because he hadn't come that far yet. But when he preached 'Who Is This Melchisedec?' in February of 1965, he took that scripture and he came back to it and he said, "I want to make something clear. There are only three races of people in the earth and that is Ham, Shem, and Japheth, the three sons of Noah". There's no 'serpents seed' here if you're thinking of a serpent seed other than Adam! Because Adam was the 'Son of the morning' and Adam produced the serpent's seed which was a seed of the flesh by the sex birth. And we all came that way and we've all been forfeited into this realm, into this human race. We forfeited all of our rights. Did you know what Brother Branham said? We're going to read it today right in 'The Invisible Union of the Bride'. He said, "Anyone, any woman who commits adultery", he said, "she has forfeited all of her rights to God and to heaven". That's what he said. Now that was after 'Marriage and Divorce'; six months after 'Marriage and Divorce'. So what is he talking about when he's already forgiven hundreds of thousands of women all across the face of the earth for committing adultery, living with two or three husbands and everything else. He forgave them back in February.

9. He's talking about a different story. If you read 'The Invisible Union Of The Bride', he's talking about a relationship in you between the flesh and the Spirit. And the woman is this flesh. The 'woman', the one that is supposed to 'submit' and 'surrender' and do all these things, is this flesh. And any 'flesh' that has come here under the seed of 'adultery' has forfeited all of its rights to God and heaven. "Well where can I find that at?" Corinthians 15: "Flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of God". We all forfeited the Kingdom of God when it comes to the flesh. Flesh and blood are not going in! It's not going in. It can only serve God here, serve its days out the best it knows how, and then move on and leave the flesh behind.

10. So we're going to go into some things and we're going to look at some things ... we're going to try and 'realign' some things today. I want to turn over, if you want to turn with me; but I wanted to talk about that for just a moment to let everybody know where I stand. I don't believe there is a race of people that are quote, "the serpent's seed that can't be saved". I believe there is a race of people that Jesus Christ died for and those are His who have a Theophany; period. And that's the way you know whether you're a child of God or not; if you have representation on the inside. If you have representation on the inside, that's what Jesus Christ died for; so He could reposition your flesh body back into a spoken Word body where it was supposed to be; so you can conquer and live and enjoy this life all the days of your life. And those who don't have that they are not going to enjoy life. Oh they may enjoy money, they may enjoy drinking, they may enjoy the filth of the world, but that's not Life.

11. So I want to read out of Saint Luke the twenty-fourth chapter, I believe. I want to read just a little bit ... we're talking on 'Realignment'; we're talking about what God is doing. And I do want to say that the tongues that came forth this morning, it was something that was personally to me. It's something I've been praying a lot about. I didn't speak it because I didn't feel that I should speak it. But I wrote it down and I have it, and it's personally to me. And thank you Sister Pam, I've been praying for weeks about something and that was it; it was a blessing. Maybe it was just to me, maybe it wasn't supposed to be to anybody else; but God spoke to me about it and so I'm going to put this one up. Amen. Brother Rob, get ready for Africa; the Lord willing we'll be going there and doing what we need to do. So I want to read out of Luke 24 - and he's talking about the resurrection. Let's just go down to verse 6; the Angel is talking to the women and says,

LUKE 24:6 to 11: He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee, saying, the son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again. And they remembered his Words ...

13. So Jesus had given them the truth. He didn't skip over the truth and try to hide something from them. He'd given them the truth of what was going to happen. They just didn't remember it.

And they remembered his Words, and returned from the sepulchre, and told all these things unto the eleven, and to all the rest. It was Mary Magdalene, and Joanna, and Mary the mother of James, and other women that ... (went) ... with them, which told these things unto the apostles. And their Words seemed to them as idle ... (they just had no significance.) ... and they believed them not. ...

We're talking about the eleven apostles and the people that were with the eleven. And when the lady said, "Jesus Christ is resurrected from the dead! He came to us and told us to come to you", their words were 'idle words' and they believed them not!

14 12 to 17: Then arose Peter, and ran unto the sepulchre; and stooping down, he beheld the linen clothes laid by themselves, and departed, wondering in himself at that which was come to pass. And, behold, two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem about threescore furlongs, (sixty furlongs) ... And they talked together of all these things which had happened. And it came to pass, that, while they communed together and reasoned, Jesus himself drew near, and went with them. But their eyes were holden that they should not know him. And he said unto them, 'What manner of communications are these that ye have one to another, as ye walk, and are sad?'

It's kind of like the last forty years isn't it? The resurrection really did take place in 1963 whether you believe it or not. And we've been a long time walking sadly trying to figure out what William Branham meant; what God is doing.

18 to 32: And the one of them, whose name was Cle'opas, answering said unto him, 'Art thou only a stranger in Jerusalem, (Have you not been around here?) ... and hast not known the things which are come to pass there in these days?' And he said unto them, 'What things?' And they said unto him, 'Concerning Jesus of Nazareth, which was a Prophet mighty in deed and Word before God and all the people: ...

15. Already they had regressed; two days - He wasn't 'God' ... 'this man who was a mighty 'Prophet' was walking through the land'. Before they had said, "Thou art the Christ the Son of the Living God!"

...and how the chief priests and our rulers delivered Him to be condemned to death, and have crucified Him. But we ... trusting that it had been He which should have redeemed Israel...

Here they are thinking that Israel is not redeemed. Jesus is already resurrected.
Israel has already been redeemed! The King has come out of His tomb. They are still looking for some kind of natural Israel. 'Have you not heard? We trusted that this had been the one to redeem Israel',

...and beside all this, today is the third day since these things were done. Yea, and certain women also of our company made us astonished, which were early at the sepulchre; and when they found not his body, they came, saying, that they had also seen a vision of angels, which said that he was alive ...

16. They didn't say that! They said they had seen Angels. And now they have reduced it to where He's just 'a prophet' and it was 'a vision'.

...And certain of them which were with us went in the sepulchre, and found it even so as the women had said: but him they saw not.

"I doubt it" - that's what they were saying. They didn't see Him. The women said He was there ... angels talked to them. There's one woman said it was Jesus. But ...

Then He said unto them, 'O fools, and slow of heart to believe, ("Oh you fool you have regressively gone backwards") ... ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and to enter into his glory?' And beginning at Moses and all the Prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning Himself. And they drew nigh unto the village, whither they went: and He made as though He would have gone further. But they constrained Him, saying, 'Abide with us: for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent.' And He went in ... (and tarried) ... with them.

17. Now the scripture said that He had walked with them, talked with them.

... And it came to pass, as He sat at meat with them, He took bread, and blessed it, and brake, and gave to them. And their eyes were opened, (Here they are, they have their eyes opened. They recognize ... "Hey, this is not a normal man. He's breaking the bread the way Jesus broke the bread!") ... and they knew Him; and He vanished out of their sight. And they said one to another, 'Did not our heart burn within us, while He talked with us by the way, and while He opened to us the Scriptures?'

18. So Jesus is walking on the road to Emmaus, and the Bible says that He opened their understanding; reasoning with them. He opened their understanding by talking with them. And then it comes on down and it says, "He opened their eyes". So it was a progressive thing that was happening. Before they knew who He was, He was trying to get them to understand that the things that had happened to this man Jesus were supposed to happen. He was trying to get them to look into the Scripture to find the understanding of what was to take place, to find the places that said this Messiah was supposed to die. No doubt in my mind that as Jesus was walking on that road He began to talk about Isaiah 53. He began to tell them that there was to come a Messiah; and that Messiah was to be smitten. That Messiah was to take the sin upon Himself and that Messiah was to die.

19. He began to talk about Isaiah 52, how that Messiah was to have His beard plucked out and He was to be smitten with reeds in the head. And He talked about Psalms 22 and He said there He would hang on a cross screaming, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" He talked about all of these things. He talked about Psalms 23, how that this Messiah would have to die; that He would walk through the 'valley of the shadow of death' and in Psalms 24 how that He would resurrect. He talked about all these things, walking on the road and showing them. Not opening their eyes to Who He was yet, but opening their understanding to the fact of the history that had already happened.

20. Because if you can't see the history of what God has done, you'll never understand your position; you'll never understand where you're at. You see the history and it brings you to having your eyes open to the present position and what God is doing in His Day. Now that's what was going on here and He was opening up their eyes and showing them many things.

Now as He opened up their eyes they looked and they said, "Everything this man has said is the truth. And now as we look back across all that's gone on, it's absolutely right". They began to see who He was, and Jesus vanished out of their sight. 21. Now walked on Thursday night on several things. And we showed how that today God has some of the same things going on; how that He's moving in the midst of us and He's moving out here on the political scene. God is moving in all the different scenes and doing what He said He would do. And we've seen how that Israel is moving exactly the way that they should be, and they're doing exactly what they are supposed to do. Benjamin Netanyahu being in office, in his 'second term'. First time he was elected in; second time he assumed the office. We've seen how that he is doing everything that he's supposed to do.

22. And I talked about how he came into office as a young man. How his first appointment into office was September 27, 1967, under Menachim Begin. And Menachim Begin was the greatest ... I guess 'rebel', of almost all of Israel's march to freedom. Benjamin Netanyahu grew up under him ... and of course you know the tribe of 'Benjamin'. And if you want to look it up ... Menachim Begin was Prime Minister of Israel from about 1967 up to 1980, about 13 years. He was an Aquarian, and so you have Reuben and Benjamin - Aquarius and Gemini. And you just continue to look at everything that's happening with Israel and how that they're moving into what they're supposed to do for their day and their age, and that is a shadow for us to look at and see what's going on. Now we see the Bride coming into Her position, even as Benjamin and Reuben are doing the work that they're supposed to do in Revelation the fourth chapter. 'Jasper' and 'sardine' ... the stones that are supposed to build the City of the Bride. We could go on and on and on ... how that we see Israel matching directly and running parallel with what the Wife of Christ is doing.

23. Then you'll come over and look at just recently we went to India. And when we went to India, we went into the house of Enoch. We were there on the first day and the last day, 'Alpha' and 'Omega'. And at the same time that we went into the house of Enoch, the Chile incident began to take place. Thirty-three workers were down in the mines for right on 69 days and they started to come out in the 'seventieth' day - the delivery of Israel out of Babylon; the same amount of time. So we're looking at all these 'thirty-threes'. Thirty-three is the age of 'maturity' and the 'perfect ministry'. There were thirty-three countries that were watching with all of their media, and thirty-three workers. They called the place 'Camp Hope'. And the capsule that they built to go down in was called the 'Phoenix', which of course we know is a mighty bird that comes up out of the ashes in the millennium. And when you go and look at the name 'Phoenix' and break it down, it goes back into 'Pa-hanok' which actually means the 'House of Enoch'.

24. So we were in the 'house of Enoch' preaching the gospel in India. They were in the cave and the 'House of Enoch' - the capsule, was being built to go down and bring them out in rapture! They were deep in the cave and they were delivered out by 'a bird'. And I was standing here preaching to you how that there was a great bird in the heavens named Cygnus and this great bird was the return to earth. And you had to go 'deep in a cave' to find the bird ... the emblems of the bird on poles and so forth. It was the 'great swan' Cygnus. And it tied the three pyramids of the heavens right down into the earth, it tied the sphinx ... tied everything that was going on in the earth into the heavens. Everything that was going on; and how that they were delivered by the 'Phoenix' and how they came out by American ingenuity. The capsule was American made, the drills were American made, the men that went there and drilled the hole all the way through were American men, one of them from Ohio, one of them from Colorado. You know what Colorado is? It's the 'rainbow' - 'many colours'. So you had Revelation 10 in type, down there, drilling them out, sending in the 'Phoenix', the bird, catching them away in rapture and bringing all of them out under a Ministry of 'thirty-three'. Thirty-three nations, thirty-three workers come out to 'Camp Hope'!

25. So, we've seen all of this 'deliverance' going on. And it's a deliverance into the heavens, from the depths of hell all the way out. We saw Menachim Begin ... we saw all of that going on. We saw the 'House of Aquarius'. I coloured it in so you can see it - the little six point Star of David.
This diagram is the Zodiac ...
...the houses of the heavens that are wrapped around the earth, and that is exactly the most perfect 'star of David' that's ever been formed in the heavens, on January 23rd, 1997, as the Sun was leaving the 'House of Pisces' - the 'Church Ages' coming over into the 'House of Aquarius'. It formed a perfect 'star of David' in the heavens showing that a 'New Ministry' out of the House of Aquarius was coming and it would be preaching on The Star of David, or the 'Son of David' Ministry. And here we are out of the House of Aquarius, the sun is in Aquarius, everything is in Aquarius, and here we are coming shortly thereafter, beginning to preach on the Son of David Ministry. So it's all going on in the heavens and it's going on in the earth.

26. ... But we were talking about how the heavens tie into the earth. And if you say, "How does this tie in with the scripture, Brother Parnell?", go over to Psalms 19; go to Job - Job 13, Job 23 I think, and Job 28; many, many places where Job is tying everything in the heavens down into the earth. And you go to Matthew 2 where that God ties everything in the heavens and He brings the three stars together and the wise men follow for two years, and the star leads them right over the top of a little house where Jesus is in the house playing. So, everything going on in the heavens is tied into something that's going on in the earth!

27. Now the way that I set this up is the way that God has His Zodiac wrapped around the earth. Now you say, "The sun is the centre point of the solar system Brother Parnell". I understand that, but the sun is not the centre point of the Zodiac. The earth is the centre point of the Zodiac. All of the Zodiac, all of the heavens and all the constellations are wrapped around the earth. And you have to be looking from the earth to see them all. And so the Bible that's written in the heaven, was written with the earth being the centre-point of that great Bible. That's why we came here to understand it, because God wrote it in the heavens.

And if you look at that, that's each one of the twelve 'houses' in the Zodiac and if you look at what I did, I positioned them in a way that makes perfect understanding. It realigned some things but it gives you a perfect understanding of what God did before there was ever a molecule or a dust particle or anything else that was floating around in the heavens, or in the universe - before anything was ever made. If you look at the diagram you have the earth in the centre and then I have like a clock going all the way around. Starting in the 'one o'clock' position was Sagittarius. Then it goes to two in Scorpio, three in Libra, four in Virgo, five o'clock is Leo, six o'clock is Cancer, seven o'clock is Gemini, eight o'clock is Taurus, nine o'clock is Aries, ten o'clock is Pisces, eleven o'clock is Aquarius and twelve o'clock is Capricorn. And this is the way the heavens are set up around the earth.

28. It takes approximately 24 thousand years for the complete creation to be stamped with God's Mind all the way through. These 'houses' are wrapped around the earth and go throughout the universe. The sun is passing through each house and it takes approximately two thousand years ... sometimes two thousand thirty-seven, sometimes its nineteen hundred and fifty, but it takes approximately two thousand years for the sun to move through one house. So if you take one house - two thousand, and you multiply that by twelve, it took about 24 thousand years for the universe to cycle itself ... about 24 thousand years.

29. And if you go back ... before there was ever any of that around, you're going to go all the way back to Sagittarius. Sagittarius is one of the Houses in the Zodiac and Sagittarius means, 'I know'. That is its character. When I say 'it means' - the 'character' of Sagittarius is, 'I know'. I believe that right there is where everything started ... number One. Remember me preaching to you on the Theophany? It's the logic, it's the place, it's God's Mind; Sagittarius is God's Mind. 'I know', that's where it all started. There wasn't one molecule. There wasn't any dust. There wasn't any flesh. There weren't any trees. There weren't any stars. There wasn't anything. All the way back in the Mind of God before any of this natural creation came about, laying inside the House of Sagittarius, right there is where the sun was created. Laying in Sagittarius, the Universe itself, started right there.

30. And then what's the next one that comes after Sagittarius? As the sun is created and it begins to rotate and move through the universe, the next one is Scorpio. If you're looking at 'houses' and the way they line up, the next one is 'Scorpio'. And Scorpio means, 'I penetrate' ... the character of it - 'I penetrate'. There was nothing, there was no material. There was nothing out there and God said in Sagittarius, 'I know what I want. I know what I want to do. I know my Plan. My Mind is eternal. It's laying there; I know!' And in order for God to bring forth His great plan He had to 'penetrate'. He couldn't just sit there in the 'I know' realm. You remember me saying ... there we were back there in His Mind in Theophany form and then God said, "Someone has to break the veil. Someone has to come out of Theophany. Someone has to come out of the Cloud and drop in the earth". Remember who I taught that was? 'Alpha' Adam; Adam dropped in first, and here in Scorpio it means, 'I penetrate.' God was the first one to penetrate, for His Spirit to break away from logic, to break away from thought and break into materializing something. God had to penetrate the darkness. He had to penetrate everything that there was, and break into something that was not.

31. Now that sounds crazy but that is what Paul said in the book of Hebrews. He said he had to break into those 'things that were not'. He called those things that were not as though they were. God by faith ... he was sitting there in Sagittarius and he said, "I am going to create. I am going to break out of the thought form". God had to have faith Himself! He had to have faith for Himself to be able to break and do that. And when He broke the veil, He was the first one to do it. God Almighty Himself broke the veil of 'thought' and 'went beyond the camp'; broke outside the camp, and when He did, He pushed out by penetration into the second House where the Sun went after two thousand years. God laid in thought for two thousand years. The sun laid there. He created it, and laid it there and then God said, "I'm going to push Myself out from this", and He began to push and penetrate. And He penetrated the darkness. He penetrated everything and He moved into a cycle of materialism, a dimension. He moved into the first, second and third dimensions very quickly. Boom! Dropping out of the sixth and the seventh and dropped into the first, second, third - space, matter and time. And when He dropped out of the sixth and seventh dimension and dropped into it, He penetrated into materialism.

32. And then what's the next house? You all have your paper; the next house after Scorpio once God 'penetrated', is Libra ... when you're going retrospect. What does 'Libra' mean? It means, 'I balance' ... or the 'character' of Libra is, 'I balance'. God broke into this 'materialism' and then He said, "I've got to balance all things. I've got to set all things up. I've got to set up some gravity. I've got to get everything in balance. I've got so many things here in this great material world, in this massive universe, that if I don't set up some 'balance', if I don't set up some 'organization', if I don't set up some 'foundational principles' that everything has to go by, then it will all be destroyed!" And God said, "Moon, don't you go this far; you go this far and then you turn and you cycle back. Sun you go here." And all the planets and everything ... God set 'balance' in the universe. He broke out through Sagittarius, began to create the universe; He penetrated through Scorpio and then He had to set up a 'balance throughout the universe' so that everything would not destroy itself.

33. It's the same way in the human race. It's the same way in an individual. You can have all the 'know' that you want. And you can 'penetrate' in and you can become a great man in a great corporation, but if you don't have any balance ... You can become a great minister, you can become anything, but if you don't have any 'balance', just about the time that everything looks real good, you'll run off with another man's wife; you'll destroy the corporation. You'll do anything under the sun because you had no balance whatsoever. You had no gravity, you had no principle; you had no foundation to hold yourself, and that's what God said in Libra, the 'I balance'.

34. Libra was 'Levi', a type of the five fold ministry. And so we find the five fold ministry coming in under Libra. Now there's something else I want to pass out here, and we'll talk about Libra here for just a moment. And you can read along with me as I talk about Libra. This is the 'balance' that God put into the universe and if we don't have this balance, if we don't have these things that God did in our personal lives then you're asking for disaster. You'll go into manmade creeds, you'll go into manmade dogmas, you'll go into the filth of the world. Your world will fall apart, your family will fall apart, you'll 'lose your Christianity' so to speak, because it was all intellect and there was no balance to it. So Libra is the character of 'balance'.

35. Now look at the 'senses' of the body of Christ, because what we're looking at here is how God built the body of Christ! The universe is the body of Christ, and the people are the body of Christ. It's all Christ Himself! So here He is; the senses of the body of Christ, the Libra. When God moved into Libra; after He 'thought', after He 'penetrated', then He came into Libra and He began to set up 'balance'. Now let's look at the first one. There are five senses that give you all of your balance: conscience, memory, reason, affection, imagination. That's your five senses that give you balance; and it does the same thing for the universe. Now let's look at them. God has a 'conscience'; that's why He did what He did. God has a 'memory', God has 'reason', God has 'affection' and He has 'imagination', and He brings that out in the human race by the 'five balances' or the 'fivefold ministry'. And 'conscience' means 'the inner sense of right or wrong'. That's what conscience means. You have something inside you that tells you when you're right and something in there that tells you when you're wrong, if you have any kind of balance or whatsoever in your life. And that's what 'the apostle' is.

36. The apostle is a 'witness' - fivefold ministry. He's a witness, he goes out into the world, he sets up churches, he preaches the gospel. He brings the inner sense of the body, and teaches us what's right and what's wrong. "This is church order". This is this, this is that. "This is the way you run your house". "These are the qualifications for a minister". "This is the qualifications for a woman to marry or not marry". "This is the qualifications for this ... " The 'apostle' is the one that goes in and starts an assembly, or starts an entity of God, and puts all of those things in place and helps the world to balance itself, helps the assembly to balance itself. So this is what Libra is all about.

37. Look at 'memory' - 'the faculty of reviving previous facts, events and experiences'. Bringing back to your mind facts, events and experiences that will help you balance yourself. That's what a 'teacher' is. A teacher does those things for you. He goes back and shows you all about Genesis, all about the creation, all about what happened in Moses' day on and on and on. He breaks down all of these great 'witnesses'. A teacher will go in and he'll break them down, and break them down until you say to yourself, "My God how did he see that? Why didn't I see that Lord? How come I missed that? How come he sees it and I don't?" It's a gift! That's all it is, and you may go home and you'll run your family ten times as good as that teacher can, because he's using a gift when it comes to teaching. He's using something God gave him, see. And so 'memory', 'a teacher', is what brings to mind all of those things. Everything that's in here, this is all Libra.

38. 'Reason' - 'the process of forming conclusions and judgments; explanation of belief, and logic'. Who does that? Who brings the judgment into the church? Who has the final say in the church? Who's the one that brings the vision to the church? Who's the one that does all these things? The pastor ... the pastor is the one that's there and in this Libra, this House of Libra God was instilling these things: logic, judgments and explanations and beliefs and conclusions. The process of forming these things and faculties; previous facts and events and an inner sense of right or wrong; these were all of the things that God was instilling into the universe, building balance ... saying, "Moon, if you go too far it's going to cover up the earth and flood it. If you pull too far back it's going to bring famines and pestilence".

39. You say, "How does God do that? How come there's so much famine and pestilence come on the scene?" All God has to do is just change the orbit of the moon just a little bit. His Spirit just pulled back that orbit, and all of a sudden famine strikes the land and millions begin to die. Everybody says, "Oh God, move Your hand of judgment!" And a generation begins to cry out, and God just moves the moon's orbit back just a little bit, and it begins to rain and the food begins to come up, everything begins to happen again. All it is is the planets and their orbits; God's doing it all!

40. 'Affection' - 'the emotional realm of fond attachments and devotion, love'. Who brings those emotional things? You know - you get a good evangelist ...You say, "Brother Parnell does ...?" One man can have all these in it; one minister can operate them all. And then there are some that have some of them in them. And so we see this affection, the emotional realm; that's the evangelist. That's how God deals with a realm of fond attachments, devotion and love. These are your senses of balance.

41. And 'imagination'. Look at what 'imagination' is ... 'the actions of forming images or concepts not yet present'. All you've got to do is look it up; that's what it says. Your 'imagination' forms concepts and things that are not yet present; that's vision, that's a prophet. Without a vision you perish. A prophet has the vision from God and the things aren't even yet in the earth. But you would say to yourself, "How is this going to happen? How is God going to do this?" A prophet is already thinking about it, working on it and preaching on it and bringing the Word, because nothing can happen without the preaching of the Word! I preach about the Third Pull and I tell you that your bodies have already changed, I tell you when when the time comes, don't worry about this, don't worry about that. Don't worry about food, don't worry about drink, don't worry about jobs; when the time comes God will take care of us. He's already proved that! He's proved that He will take care of you all the way through. He's given you your understanding. God brings His 'balance' and that's the way He moves in the earth. That's Libra.

42. Now we're talking ... Sagittarius, Scorpio and Libra - there's 6 thousand years! And then in 'Virgo' - we're moving into the 8 thousands - from 6 to 8 thousand now. God doesn't have to do everything at one time. God, at your whim, doesn't have to give you a McDonalds' hamburger! "Oh, I've got to have this. I've got to have a coke; I've got to have it ... " God may say, "Yeah I've got to have this too and it's going to be four thousand years from now! It's going to be six thousand or eight thousand". God said, "I've got to have a people in the earth because I wrapped my Bible around the earth". So here's the universe sitting out there; the sun and all the universe, and it's wrapped in all of its glory. God has put 'balance' into it and Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter and Mars and all of them are moving in their perfect orbits. Everything is just beautiful. The sun and the rays and the whole universe is moving in its beauty.

43. And then He comes to Virgo, and 'Virgo' means, 'I discriminate'. You say, "What does that mean Brother Parnell? We don't believe in discrimination". I do! I don't know whether you know it or not, but God discriminated when He chose this elected piece of earth and He didn't chose that guy out there that's laying beside that building, drunk this morning where he'd been running around all night. God 'discriminated'. "What does this mean Brother Parnell?" God looked at the entire universe and all of those planets were setting there saying, "Choose me Lord, Choose me Lord!
Look I've got all the beauty of the red planet. I've got all the beauty of this. I've got all the beauty. Choose me Lord!" And God discriminated and He said, "You don't understand something universe. I've already wrapped my Bible around the one that I love, and it's called 'Earth'.

44. And God discriminated and He moved into the earth. And all the other planets have to support the Bible - the 'earth'. He 'discriminated' in Virgo and chose the earth above every other planet, above every other star, above everything and He said, "This earth is mine." God discriminated just exactly like He did for you when you came here as an individual. All the rest of the earth was here, and God blew and put a little Theophany right into your body when millions of others were in hundreds of hospitals across the earth at the exact same time, on the exact same day, and no Theophany went into them! God discriminated for you, and gave you, because you were of Him. He did that.

45. Then the next thing that came; what it is? 'Leo'. He passed through 2000, 4000, 6000, 8000 years and He comes from Virgo to Leo. How many knows ... ? What does 'Leo' mean Brother Bren? 'I will'. The 'character of God' - 'I will'. I have chosen this earth, this piece of earth and now 'I will' populate it. 'I will' make it greater than all others. 'I will' warm it up. Sun move around here just right; everything get just right in the orbit. Moon move yourself just right. I have discriminated. I made this Earth mine and now I will move into it and I will bring forth My Life. I will produce all of my Seed. All of their flesh bodies are already laying in it. "Move around here and let's get it just right to where the moisture comes up just right, to where the right amount of sun is on it, to where the right temperature is here, because 'I will'. I will bring forth my people in this earth under my Bible, under my Word." 'Leo' - 'Christ Himself' came down and moved into the earth.

45. And then we moved to the next one which is 'Cancer'. And Cancer is 'I feel'. Now God has already penetrated. He's got a huge universe out here. He's got everything laying out here in all of its glory. And He discriminated and as He pulled the earth out, then He says, "I will; I will bring forth all of My life, I'll do these things in it". He planted all the seeds; He did all those things, and He moves into the House of Cancer. And in the House of Cancer it is, 'I feel'. That is the House where Adam broke the Theophany realm. Adam himself pushed out of the Theophany and broke into the earth.

46. And here stands Adam, the first 'Son' of God - the Alpha of the entire universe - Adam standing there in an earth body! He's pushed out; He comes down here, He stood; He put his Theophany feet into the earth. He stood there. He 'called' for the earth to come up on him and it moved up on him. And now God puts a human spirit in him and he begins to breathe. And as he begins to breathe he looks around, and he calls for the seeds to begin to come from the earth. He calls for the flowers. He calls for every ... He was there in Theophany. He knows what he's supposed to do and he knows the 'seeds' are all already there. He calls for the trees to come forth. He calls for the flowers to come forth. He calls for the animals to come forth. He's calling for all of these things. This Adam is calling up all of these things.

47. And they begin to grow, and he walks over and he looks. Adam says, "Oh look!" He's got all this logic. "Look at this water!" He gets down there and he gets a little bit his hand, drinks and says, "That tastes good!" It is the first time that God ever tasted water. 'God' tasted it! And he reaches out, and he feels the texture of that little flower. And he says, "Oh my, that's beautiful". He feels it; and he's got the little bees flying around, pollinating. He's got everything going on and he's feeling. That's what Cancer is all about, is 'feeling'.

48. And what is the planet that rules Cancer? The moon! That's why with so many Cancers, you know, if you see a 'Cancer', you know what is the first thing you look for? Somebody who's got a crazy laugh, "Ha Ha Ha"; just laugh up a storm! Laugh at things that you think, "What in God's name are they laughing about? There's nothing funny here!" And they have that nice round face, just like the moon.
You know, that's the way 'Cancers' are; Sister Pam, you know what I mean? The moon rules it. Cancer has so much feeling, beyond anybody in the entire universe. You find a Cancer, you're going to find somebody that loves children. They love people. They love the flowers. They love everything, they love it. They just want to be a part of it. They want to feel it. They want to know what it's like. They'll walk up to you, and they'll put their hand on your shoulder and you'll think to yourself, "What are they doing? Get your hand off of me". Well they are 'feeling'; that's what they are; they are full of feeling. They're the ones that when you're thinking to yourself, "Just leave me alone; just go away for a little while", they just keep talking. They just keep staying. They drive out of the parking lot last, on and on, because it's in Cancer to be full of 'feeling'.

49. And then what's the next house that comes around? Now we've gone through thousands of years - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 thousand years and we've just now got Adam on the earth! See, God - He doesn't need ... God is not worried about getting out by one o'clock! He's not worried about getting it all to you by quarter to one, so we can be out by one ... that's not God. And if we could ever get out of those mind thoughts, we could get so much more. He moved to 'Gemini'. What's Gemini mean Brother Bren? 'I communicate'. So God put Adam into the earth and He put a human spirit in him and he had a Theophany in him. And now what's Adam doing? Brother Branham tells it very plainly. The Theophany was given you to communicate to God and the human spirit was given to you to communicate to the earth. 'I communicate'. Now that we've got communication I'm going to be able to bring forth everything that I want to bring forth. I'm going to be able to use a human spirit to go into the earth and communicate with everything and feel everything and know everything and I'm going to use the Theophany to communicate back with God. 50. What was God doing? God was saying, "Everything that I created I want to know it, I want to feel it, I want to talk to it, I want to be it, I want to be all those things". God was moving in His earth in order to bring forth His Bible. And every one of these houses have certain constellations inside of their house that mean all the things that I am talking about, and they come through the time of 'communication'. Gemini is 'the twins'. You know ... everybody talks about them, and how like Tom; one day those twins are just as happy as can be and the next day he just looks like he's got a frown that you'll never get off of him. And everybody says, "Gee, you know I don't know what's wrong with Tom." Well, I know what's the issue with Tom; he's a Gemini. He has trouble because he has twins. And that's what Gemini does, and Gemini is right in the middle; it's an air sign. You've got Aquarius - it's the highest air sign, you've got Gemini and then you've got Libra.

51. Aquarius and Libra, those two air signs, they can kind of operate because they don't have so much 'static'. The main flow of the air - Gemini is setting right there in the middle of it. You know how it is when you get on to a radio and you're picking up five stations at one time, and you're hearing this voice here and this voice here, and you're listening to some guy, he gets you interested, and then some other voice cuts in, and then some country western song comes on and everything else. You're trying to move it back and forth, and it's full static, and you're all upset. Well that's the way a Gemini's mind is going all day long. And you say, "Well, what's he upset about?" Well, it might be a good reason and it takes Christ to help with that. There's only one way out of that. There's only one way to hear one voice. Jesus said, "My sheep hear My voice and another they will not follow". Cut out all static. Cut out everything. Use deductive reasoning. Push every voice out of the way. Just keep pushing it out of the way and say, "There's only One Voice I want to hear". So Gemini is that way.

52. Then what do you do? You move into 'Taurus'. And Taurus character ... Brother Bren what's the Taurus character? He's good! I keep asking him although I've got them written down here but I keep asking him because I wanted to see. I know he's studied it through and through. We come into Taurus - 'I have'. 'I have' brought forth my will. 'I have' brought forth my feeling.
'I have' produced a race of people that communicate with heaven and earth. 'I have' done all of these things." 'I have', 'I have', 'I have' and Taurus is 'I have'. Taurus reaches out. It gets everything it can get. It receives everything that it can receive. Taurus is the 'bull'. And so the Sun moves through Taurus for two thousand years. You moved into Gemini, then you moved into Taurus.

53. Then you moved over into Aries. And Aries ... do you know what the character of Aries is? 'I am'. That's why Jesus kept screaming; "I Am". Jesus was born on April 6. "How do you know that Brother Parnell?" The Prophet told me. He said he was born on April 6. And Jesus is an Aries. He went around everywhere screaming, 'I Am'. " 'I am the bread of life'. 'I am the resurrection'. 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. Except you believe that I am He ye shall die in your sin". Jesus was Aries and He was screaming 'Aries' with all that was in Him. And in the universe God was creating ... He'd come all the way around to the point that He said, "I have everything that I want now in Taurus". And then He takes the universe and He says, "I Am". He created it so perfect until He was able to look at His own things that He'd created. He had felt them. He had thought on them. He had put them here. He'd put balance into them. He had discriminated. He had built them into a twin character communicating. He had done everything that He could possibly do. And then God looked at it and He said, "I Am! This thing is Me!" This universe is 'ever present': 'I am He'. Aries does that.

54. Then the very next one - Pisces! So, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 thousand years ago God started building a perfect 'Masterpiece of Himself' in the universe. And He comes to Pisces. And Pisces character is 'I believe'. He said, "You're the 'I am'. You're the greatest thing I've ever known. You're the most beautiful thing. I love You with all that's within me. You have all of my character. You have every promise of mine. You have it! You have! You have! You have! Mr. Taurus you have it. It is yours. Aries you're the 'I am'. You are the everything. You're my love. You're my life. You're my wife. You're my brother. You're my sister. You're my mother. You're Everything to me!" God is talking to us and He's saying these things. And then He comes into Pisces and he says, 'I believe'. He was going to stamp into you and make you understand and believe that you have all of these things in you!

55. You are a perfect people with perfect life, with perfect understanding. You needed some darkness to understand that for a little while, so He stamped that into you too. Everything that He did - that double communication, that darkness, He did it all for you! He stamped it all in you to make you to come to a point to where you say, "I believe You Lord. I understand You Lord. You're mine Lord. I know I'm the perfect one. I know I'm the one You always love. I know You put all these beautiful things into me. You gave me all of my balance Lord. My memory, my conscience, my reason, my affection, my imagination, my communication, my organization, You gave it all to me and You made me You Lord! I am and I believe it!" 'I am' and 'I believe it'! That's what this is about.

56. And then at the end of Pisces which was January 23, 1997 ... I showed you this little 'star' at the beginning ... at the end of Pisces breaking into Aquarius, the eleventh House, the great 'Star of David' came into the heavens; God tying everything in the heavens into the earth! And when the 'great star' of David came in January 23, 1997 Aquarius House - the Sun moved into the Aquarius House. And the character of an Aquarian is 'I do'... 'I give' all of those things. 'I do', 'I give'. What's he's saying? We've come to all of these things and we came right down to where we say, "I believe you Lord above everything else. I believe You put in me to be Malachi 4, Revelation 10, Saint Luke 17:30, Daniel 12:12, Revelation 10:8 to 11. I believe you Lord. You put these things in me and I believe 'I am' the 'I Am'." And when you come to that point then Aquarius broke in.

57. And what is Aquarius? 'I do', 'I give'. What did God say? "You know you're good enough to marry! You're just like Me! You're perfect in all of your ways. You're beautiful. You have everything that I ever stamped ...
It's right there, and you are perfect". And God said, "Will you marry Me? Isn't that the message we heard? "Do you love Me? Will you marry Me? Will you be My Wife? Forget about being a church. Forget about being a Bride. Forget about being all of these things. Now I've come to the point, will you marry Me? Will you become My Wife?" And we said, "I give it all to you. I surrender everything to you Lord, 'I do'".

58. We've come into this time of 'I do'; we're living in such a great day right now in the eleventh house! Noah was the eleventh from Adam. You know all the 'elevens' down through the Bible. There were eleven true apostles, on and on and on. Eleven shows up 'true worship'. That's what the word 'eleven' means. Eleven is the strongest power based number in the number system, on and on and on. It's the first double digit indivisible. It is 'one'; you cannot do anything with it, you cannot divide it. You can't break it up. You can't split it into 'trinitarian'.

59. You say, "Brother Parnell, how did we get out of those Trinitarian doctrines?" I tell you how! We have a Theophany in us that moved us into the House of Aquarius, and it's an 'indivisible' House. You can't split God up in the House of Aquarius. There are true Hebrews here, and we're saying. "God is One! Get rid of this Trinitarian devil!" And anyone without a Theophany and hasn't moved into the House of Aquarius, hasn't come into the Son of David Age, they're still running around with a bunch of trinitarian doctrines because they've not moved into the number system that is 'indivisible'. And they'll divide God up every which way; try to feed Him to you ... Brother Branham said, "You ain't going to feed your 'God' to a true Hebrew. You ain't going to feed him three Gods!"

60. So here we are in this great House of Aquarius. And it's in the House of Aquarius where Andrew Collins shows up ... the great astronomer who says, "The universe has been out of alignment". Well, that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm telling you. Go and read Linda Goodman's 'Sun Signs'; see where she starts the universe. See where she starts the houses of the Zodiac. She says that it starts, I believe it's in Aquarius, and it travels around. And others said, "Oh it starts in Virgo and it goes to Leo". You've got all kinds of them trying to start it in this house and that house and everything else, and the astronomers, most of them start it in the House of Aquarius and then bring it back around and bring the House of Aquarius in it the last. I don't believe any of those astronomers. I believe they've all been wrong.

61. I believe they've been good men; but I believe that I can look right at this great universe and I can look at the houses of the Zodiac ... they used to wrap them around the sun; they always said the sun was the centre of the Zodiac. No, it's not. The earth is the centre of the Zodiac. Here's where we're looking out from. Here's the plane we're looking from. We're looking out from here and we're seeing all of these things and the rest of the universe is a support to the house of the earth. And we are here to learn our Bible. We are here to learn our Word. And we are here to take this Word body out of the heavens and put it into action, and this Theophany, so that it can move through the universe, it can break out of the earth, it can break out of all of these things that are limiting us, and we can go wherever we want, do whatever we want, be standing there in a second, by thought, and use every one of these houses to do anything we want, create our own worlds, live after ... all of these things, it's all right here in the Bible to teach us.

62. So this Andrew Collins, this astronomer, this astrologist says, "They got it all wrong". The Return of Christ coming back to the earth is in Aquarius and it's wrapped up in the three pyramids that are in Egypt. And these three pyramids meet with the three main stars in the great wings of the swan, Cygnus. And it is 'a swift return' to the earth and 'great blessings' to the people and it's going on right now. Teaching it! I had a brother in India, he said, "Brother Parnell, you were meant to come at this time. You had to come at this time in order to realign everything exactly. The way this guy is doing it in the universe natural, you've come to realign everything." Now I realigned your universe in the natural. I've realigned that. I've realigned it. I've showed you where we're at in Aquarius. I've showed you all of these things. I've showed you a balance. I've showed you all of these things. We've realigned ourselves.

63. I've showed you the five senses of the body of Christ: apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors. You say, "Brother Parnell, how should I live?" Listen to what your apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors are telling you. "How should I walk?" Listen to your five subjects. "How should I talk? How should my house be run?" Listen to your five subjects. Listen to your five senses. Listen to them; what are they telling you? Did the prophets tell us not to live after the world, walk after the world? Did the evangelists preach to us and tell us what's going wrong and how our emotions are all messed up and we're trying to live after the things of the world. 'Don't go out there and walk like them, talk like them, act like them, paint yourself up like them, dress like them, everything else'. What do you think that is speaking to you? It is the Mind of Christ! It is the 'balance' of Libra being stamped into you to walk right, act right, live right, be holy, be all of these things. It's all right there. God teaching you all about these things!

64. Now so we've come through ... and, "Where are we at Brother Parnell? You know I've gone through many things that you've preached and it's different than what most people preach. Your Serpent Seed is different. Your Wedding Supper is different. Your Millennium is different. Your Third Coming is different. Your Meeting in the Air is different. The way you preach the Theophany is different, your songs ..." You know many of the people that have come here, the first thing they've said, "We've noticed you don't sing the kind of songs we sing". You know they're used to sitting around singing, "There is a fountain filled with blood". "There shall be showers of blessing" ... I walked into a church here a few months ago and the song leader got up, and I thought "My goodness, the same three songs I sang when I was an 8 year old boy". They have no Spirit to move them further! They have nothing. No spirit whatsoever. They have missed the Consciousness of God. They've missed what God is doing.

65. Our songs are different. Our preaching is different. Our ministry is different. The ministers that we have here, their ministries are different. Everything about this church is different and everybody notices it. That's why more of them aren't here today. I had a guy sitting right back there where Brother Jeff is sitting. He came to me one day talking about a brother I had up here singing and he said, "How long are you going to keep that hippy behind your pulpit?" I said, "It's none of your business; for one thing, it's my pulpit. And I'll keep the hippy back there as long as I want to, until God tells me to move the hippy"; since that's what he thought he was. I've had them look at me and say some of the most horrible things. "I'm leaving, because you didn't do 'this and this and this' ". I said, "I love you, but 'Bye', because I'm not going to do 'this and this and this' ".

66. God gave me a different way to do it. God gave me a better way. Cain's sacrifice was excellent. It was a good sacrifice. Have you read your Bible where Paul says that? Paul talks about it and he says over in Hebrews 11, "Abel gave a more excellent sacrifice". That's what he said. What did he mean, 'more excellent'? Somebody must have given an excellent one. And Abel gave a more excellent one. Cain gave an excellent sacrifice and God looked at it and said, "It's just not going to happen, Cain. You've missed the revelation of the thing. Your intellect has given me an excellent sacrifice and I'd love to accept it but it will break all of my principles and powers. It will break all of my universal laws and principles. I cannot accept it!"

67. And Abel comes with a little old lamb its throat cut and blood all over it, and a rock laying there and fur and hair and everything else, and Abel is holding it up to God and said, "Lord can you accept this?" And God said, "Cain this is a more-excellent sacrifice, and if you'll do this right here I'll accept you". It didn't look more excellent. But that's what this is about. We have prophets, teachers, pastors; we have them in the assembly. We have God here doing what He said He would do, and this is a more-excellent way.

68. Some things we're going to be going through to help you understand it. One thing you need to understand as a local church here, is that our pulpit is not in Dayton, Ohio. And many people they get that in their mind. Our songs are not in Dayton, Ohio. They're all over the world! One day after you sit up here and sing a song service, people are listening to it in Nigeria ... people are listening to it! So when you're singing the song services and you're doing these things, do it with all of your heart. Do you know how many times I've walked in here and I've looked at how few there were and my heart just sinks, and then there's something on the inside that says, "But it's not just for these few. Preach it with all of your heart. Tomorrow there'll be hundreds of thousands listening to this! Say it the way I want it said. Preach it the way I want it preached". Sing it the way God wants it!

69. People everywhere ... I go to Cameroon and I sit down in some of the littlest houses, the littlest huts I could sit in, and they brought me coconut and a little bit of fruit and sit down, and the next song I heard was Sister Faith singing, "In the Presence of Jehovah". The next film that I saw was Brother Rob and I, and a few of us at the cave down in Jeffersonville area. The next thing that I saw was God ... a ministry of Brother Jerry Allen standing there preaching; we're in the littlest place that you could possibly think of, and there it is. It's all over the world. And God is doing this ... He is moving to align and help the Bride Body or the Wife of Jesus Christ all over the world! This is not a local ministry. John Wesley made a statement he said, "My pulpit is not the pulpit of England. It is the pulpit of the world!" I know that about my ministry; I've got enough sense to know that. God has given that gift and I have to bring it forth that way.

70. So a lot of times you may say to yourself, "You know he's preached that before". Well listen closely and you'll get something new out of it. It's for the hundreds of thousands that just came in last week! You say, "But I don't see them here". They're out there ... whole churches, assemblies, pastors by the thousands, hundreds coming in, in one week. That's what tore the 'pope' of the Philippines up so bad. You've heard Billy talking about him. What tore him up so bad is because he's losing his churches. They're coming into this revelation. They're coming to this understanding; and my prayer is that he will too. I don't have a thing against him. He's got a lot against me; I don't have a thing against him. My prayer is he would come in and see these things. He doesn't even have to apologise; I don't care, who am I? Just come in and say, "Praise the Lord; I see it!" That's what matters more than anything.

71. The 'New Birth', the 'Seven Thunders', the 'Two Souls' ... You say, "But I've heard some of these". Not quite the way we're going to preach it. We're going to realign it. I'm not going to preach it like Joseph Coleman preached it. I'm not going to preach 'Two Souls' like Earl Childers and Paul Jones preached it ... it was wrong. And Joseph Coleman was wrong in the 'Parousia'. It's a big doctrine out there ... the Parousia, the way it's been preached, is wrong. We need to realign things. We need to bring these things: the Second Coming, the Son of David, the three realms, good living, the Tent Ministry, polygamy, the Third Coming, the Meeting in the Air, the Theophany, the Glorified Body, the Body Change; many, many things we're going to go into. We're going to realign this Gospel.

72. And the Lord told me, "Realign this first so that everybody understands what we're doing". I realigned the heavens. Don Parnell and Andrew Collins have re-aligned the heavens! He, according to the astrology and the way that he's looking at the Polar star and the way he's looking at all these things and the way the earth is tilted, he realigned everything and he found it to be a more-sure, a more-accurate, and a perfect alignment in Aquarius instead of Orion! And when he saw that he brought it to Cygnus, he brought it to the bird, he brought it ... He said, "Here's a more-perfect alignment!" I know there've been prophets and sages and everything else that have preached on this. They've done everything they can with it with the earth tilted. They've tried to make it this; they've tried to make it that.

73. But I don't need to look at the earth. I don't need to look at pictures of it. I don't need to look at the Polar Star; all I need to do is find in God's revelation where each thing sets. And everything had to start in 'I know'! It all had to start there. And then from there He began to penetrate, He began to balance everything, He began to discriminate. He began to bring Himself - Leo, into the earth and willed all of His will throughout the earth. And then He brought feeling. He brought Adam and He dropped Him out of the Theophany realm down to the earth. He created everything. He brought forth all of that feeling. He brought forth a double communication - He put that Theophany and the human spirit into Adam in Gemini. And in Taurus, he said, "I have, I've created this great thing and I have exactly what My vision is. I the Lord have done this thing". And He said, "It is very good!" After 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 thousand years, God said, "This is very good". He loved it! And then Aries; He said, "I'm going to teach you that you are the 'I am'. I'm going to teach you and you are going to believe it. It's in you to believe it. And you're going to marry Me in Aquarius. And you are going to give Me your all in all".

74. "What's the last sign left Brother Parnell?" Look at number 12. Number 12 is Capricorn. Capricorn means 'I seek'. Once we find out who we are and once we really believe it, and once we really have everything that we know were supposed to have, once we come into this perfect revelation of the 'I am', there's one more house after the great Aquarius, after we've become the Wife of Christ, and that is 'I seek'. Lord I want to find more and use it. So when you understand that, you use everything you just learned over 22 thousand years. You were in the 'I know'. You were in the Scorpio. You were in all of those things! You were coming down through there; you were the God that I've been talking about all morning long. You were that God and you did those things and you are that God! You're still the 'I am' and you use all of those things that you just passed through and you move into Capricorn which is 'I am now seeking for more'. I am now using everything that's mine. I understand who I am.

75. It's great day. We've been re-aligned by an 'astrologer' in the House of Aquarius, by a member of the fivefold ministry in the House of Aquarius. It's happening all around you. Now I know when this goes out people are going to say, "Look you there, he's just trying to build-up himself". Who did I say this is? You! It's you! You say, "But Brother Parnell you seem to be the one behind it all". Somebody had to start it. But once it started ... come on, it's not one person ... it's all of us! It's all of us! We're all doing it. We should be supporting it with all that's within us. We should be praying for it with all that's within us. We should be giving our funds with all ... we should be putting our tithes ... doing everything we can do. We should be putting it in here knowing that this little Aquarian astrologer, this little guy with a 'pitcher of water' is going to take it out there into the world and he's going to put his water out there and there's not going to be one, not one seed get by but it won't be drinking from that water.

76. Those fish will live again! William Branham looked down at that little fish laying there in the water and he said, "Little fishy I give you back your life". And that's what this ministry is right now - an Aquarian ministry. Those fish in the House of Aquarius were upside down. Do you know what that means? Do you see fish in the water upside down? What are they? D-E-A-D - they're dead, laying upside down, and those little fish ... here come the water, and he was pouring out the water the fish begin to drink and it turned them right side up and they begin to swim off. They came to life! That's this ministry. Everywhere this ministry goes ... I see churches cropping up. I see people coming out. I see ministers raising up. I see the glory of the Lord. I see healings. I see signs. I see wonders. I see it all happening all around us. It's going on everywhere and it is the House of Aquarius!

77. It is the 'everlasting waters'. It is the people of the world, the southern fish coming to life. And I believe that has a great sign to it. My ministry has never done well in the northern hemisphere. I've tried ... one here one there, five or six here, five or six there, but walk into the south ... a thousand here, a thousand there, two thousand, three thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand, fifteen, eighteen thousand, at one setting. One right after the other - southern fish! Now you say, "Does that mean Brother Parnell we're in trouble because we're not in the southern hemisphere?" No, it's a type. It's what God is doing. God already moved through that northern hemisphere coming across the Church Ages.

78. He came from Israel. He passed through Greece. He came over through Germany, come on over through England, crossed over the ocean, coming into the United States and dropped down and now he's moving right back around on the bottom half. And he's going through South America, and Africa, and India, and New Zealand, and the Philippines, and Australia, and he's just moving through that bottom half. People are picking it up left and right, one after the other by the thousands, by whole churches! Why? It's what He's doing. It's for the 'southern fish' today. So I stay in the south as much as I can because I know that's where they will pick it up. They will understand it. Will you ever go to the north again? Sure! Whenever I want to feel lonely! Whenever God says, "Go look for that one", I'll go. You know instead of looking for the hundreds of thousands ... God does it. Go over there and look for that one, find it and get it and then come on back but that's the way it is, that's the way it is. As we get song ready.

79. I was going to go through some of this today, but we'll go through it. There are some realignment things in this that are really great. But I want you to understand ... remember I read to you 'Third Exodus' Thursday night, and I said there was three exoduses. The first Exodus was what? A natural land of Egypt into a natural land of Canaan! That was their exit. Now do you know that there are people still waiting on an exit from a natural land to a natural. They think we're going from a natural land to a natural millennium. That exit already took place. Natural to natural are over. We're not going to a natural place. And he said the second exodus was from a natural to a spiritual. What was that? That was when we moved out of the Mosaic laws in Israel over into the baptism of the Holy Ghost and we received a spiritual land to dwell in. You cannot geographically show me on the map where the baptism of the Holy Ghost is. There's not a nation named that. We moved into a spiritual land. It's not geographically formed. It's none of that. It's spiritual.

80. Now there are people still waiting on that. They're thinking that they are going to take this natural body and move over into a spiritual land with it. We've already done that. That was the baptism of the Holy Ghost in the Day of Pentecost. We took this natural body and moved over into a 'spiritual land' with it. What did Brother Branham say that the next one is? The very next one is, 'spiritual to spiritual'. Is that what he said? It ain't got anything to do with the flesh. It ain't got anything to do with the flesh going anywhere." The Third Exodus is from spiritual to spiritual; from the baptism of the Holy Ghost over into Eternity and we have done that! Forget about your flesh; it ain't going anywhere! Let it live out its days in harmony with Eternity and go back where it came from. We've made all three exoduses. We've already done it! As we all stand.

81. If you need something just ask him for it right now. Say, "Lord, You know what I need. You know what it is" ... financially, job, work situation, sickness, disease. What did I just tell you? We've re-aligned the universe. He wasn't just building something out there; He was building you! It was all you! And now we've come beyond the 'I have', to the 'I am', to the 'I believe', to the 'I do' - and we have every promise. It's ours! We are the Wife in the House of God, the House of the Zodiac. My! It's all ours. Just ask Him. As we sing one more song.

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Betweem 4 and 16 minutes - Covers thru to verse 10 above inclusive:  Poem on coloured and white people; serpents seed; three races of people; women in adultery forgiven; our flesh is the woman; 'Flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom of God' [Really good for those who have had multiple marriages, husbands etc. Takes away the condemnataion and legal side - sorts it out.]
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