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God's Power to Transform - Part 1

Summary of Sermon Spoken on 7th March 2013 by Pastor Donald Parnell, Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A.

I couldn't think of the name of the Aquarius happening when the wife of Christ, the sun, and the messenger are all in Aquarius together. It is called a "triple conjunction". It is the strongest of all power in the Zodiac. We are now in a "triple conjunction in Aquarius". The wife, the messenger and the sun. Revelation 19; the return on the white horse, and the angel standing in the sun. When Leo raptured us into Aquarius we raised up above the earth, and the fire/air, has taken over our atmosphere. The seven sisters of cancer stepped into the good old gospel ship and sailed to Aquarius to be protected by two great wings of an eagle during this time.

Every promise in the book is mine.
Every verse, every chapter, every rhyme.

We are going though three messages of the Prophet. 1. God's Power To Transform. 2. Thirst. 3. The Power Of Transformation. The Prophet put Thirst between the two messages on transformation, because that is what creates the transformation in us. The "thirst" for more of God.

The jasper and sardine stone are the Aquarian and Gemini stones: Rueben and Benjamin. I always think of our Brother Rueben in Australia. And our Brother Mita in New Zealand.

What we have today is a "triple conjunction" which is the strongest conjunction in the universe. The Wife, the Messenger and the Sun are all in Aquarius now. The communication is perfect. We walked a long road to Emmaus as the Lord Jesus kept bringing scripture after scripture, bone after bone to us. Now we are in the 'room' ... and we watched Him break the bread just like He did before in the little 'room' of the Seals. We know it is Him again. The Aquarian and Gemini ministry is in every one of us. God uses symbols and flesh to show His power in different men, but we are all a part of it and it is breaking in all of us.

ROMANS 12:2: And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

The transformation comes by the renewing of your mind. Not "conformed".

I PETER 1:13 - 14: Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and hope to the end for the grace that is to be brought unto you at the revelation of Jesus Christ; as obedient children, not fashioning yourselves according to the former lusts in your ignorance:

Paul and Peter are both dealing with the "mind". Don't "fashion" yourself, walk in the revelation of Jesus Christ. That lust shows up in a lust veil in our second message on, "God's Power To Transform". The lust is the foundation of the "world" ... lust of flesh, lust of eye, pride of life.

Jesus loves us and loved us before the foundation of the world ever came along; before we ever entered the flesh birth we were already loved in Him. Before the human spirit was ever created, the Lord loved us.

1:15 - 16: But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in all manner of conversation; because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

What is your "declaration"... What are you? I am holy.

"Transformed": transfigure -- transform -- change

1) to change into another form, to transform, to transfigure, i.e. Christ appearance was changed and was resplendent with divine brightness on the mount of transfiguration.

Paul called for them to be transformed, standing right there in the flesh body ... changed form. Jesus was transformed, changed. He showed his Word-body on Mount Transfiguration.

"Conformed / fashioned": conform to -- fashion (one's) self.
1) to conform one's self (i.e. one's mind and character) to another's pattern, (fashion one's self according to) e.g. to shape one thing like another and describes what is transitory, changeable, and unstable.

Conformed to the Second Coming doctrine; Transformed to the Third Testament. Conformed, fashioned, patterned to another's life; that is what the Second Coming has done. Do not try to conform to this Message of the Third Testament. You can't conform: this is a revelation.

Transitory, changeable, unstable = conforming ... conforming to some great lodges in the Mess-Age ranks.

"Renewing": renewing -- renew:
1) a renewal, renovation, complete change for the better
1) to cause to grow up, new, to make new.

The mind is "renewed", "grown up". When I was a child I acted like a child, when I grew up I was transformed. The New Birth will not conform you to a lodge; it will transform you and put you in another form, the form of the Word, Christ. They didn't change books.

"Be Ye Holy": Holy -- Saints -- Holy One:
1) Most Holy Thing, a Saint: pure -- chaste -- clear
    a. exciting reverence, venerable, sacred
    b. pure from carnality, chaste, modest, immaculate, clean

Be ye holy. Be ye the holy one: - I am holy, I am the most holy thing. Look at what it says. Chaste; "immaculate".

Comparing a mysterious week in March of 1963 in William Branham's Message and a mysterious week at the 50 year Jubilee in our day. The exchange of the books at the February 28 service ... the move into "God's Power To Transform" ... the move forward one hour in the time to "daylight". None of it is coincidence. God uses all these little things to give us our confirmations and vindication in the Earth.

William Branham recognized his Theophany; and now we recognize our Theophany. We received the 'reward of a prophet'. Away from the flesh, pure from carnality, "immaculate". Our flesh body is "immaculate" after the New Birth. Peter declared; you are "immaculate". What do you declare yourself to be?

When I was in Haiti, God told me to title every message starting with "the people". Why? He showed me that we went to bring forth the declaration of independence to the Haitian believers. The declaration starts with, "we the people".

"God's Power to Transform": Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix: A large Speckled Fiery Bird (Eagle) that rises out of the ashes of a thousand years (the desert) to fly into the sun
Arizona: "The Womb" - Apache Native American Language

Phoenix is the millennial bird that comes up out of the ashes on fire and flies into the sun.

LCF 9/11/65 - 65-0911 - September 11, 1965: 2001-0911 - September 11, 2001 - The Twin Towers fell - Watch NYC - There's something about it. Moses/Elijah Doctrine - Ezekiel 8 - Tammuz

The Prophet brought in a transformation for the New Church and, "God's Power Of Transformation", was preached on 9/11 - the destruction of the Twin Towers - the old Moses and Elijah doctrines of the Second Coming. Jesus died on Calvary and Titus came in and burnt Jerusalem 37 years later. William Branham opened the Seals, and 37 years later the Twin Towers, were destroyed. Jerusalem judged.

Ezekiel saw that two God religion when the clergy wanted to look to the east (Israel) and bring two prophets (Gods) on the scene, Moses and Elijah. God destroyed it with the brightness of this Third Coming. Do you know why the "two Lord" doctrine came into the Message? Because they were preaching two Lords coming.

'WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION ON THE MOUNTAIN'; Jeffersonville, Indiana. 25th July 1965.
147. Everything that... That shall never die. It's constantly unrolling Itself. From the very thing happening, to the picture being Jesus standing looking at us; and now exactly on Sunset Mountain, and the sunset Light. The evening Light has come, God vindicating Himself. What is it?

Sunset Mountain has to be the mountain that Zechariah saw, because there is where Jesus returned to Earth and set His feet.

It is the facts that God and Christ are one. The "white," how many seen it, the white wig upon Him, as we talked in Revelation 1? See, the Supreme Deity, Supreme Authority; no other voice, no other God, no other nothing! "In Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily." The Angels Themselves was His wig. Amen.

148. What's happened upon Mount Sunset? God confirming His Word. That's what all this noise is about. Notice, it's God fulfilling His promised Word again, of REVELATIONS 10:1 to 7, "And in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel's Message, the mystery of God should be finished." The hidden mystery of Revelations 10:1 to 7, the last Message to the last church age. ...

William Branham was the last Messenger to the Second Coming. Another Message is not needed in that coming; it's over.

... Fulfills exactly, in this age, Saint Luke 17:30, "The day when the Son of man shall be revealed." "And there shall rise false prophets and false christs, show great signs and wonders, insomuch it'd deceive the Elected if possible." The people still in doubt. And, as usual, the church is just as puzzled. 150. And the science, all through Tucson yet, they're writing pieces and put in the paper. Way back over there on Mount Lemmon, them big cameras didn't see It rising up from where we was standing; drifting on towards the West, showing the time is over.

I believe it!!!!! Time is over; we are learning in Eternity. Tucson has six mountains around it. The first letter of each mountains name forms to be c-h-r-i-s-t. Sunset Mountain was the highest peak and the Apache native Americans would go to Mount Sunset and send a message from the smoke (cloud). Tucson - a Message from the Cloud. The Prophet did exactly what the native Americans did ... they went to Mount Sunset and sent a message from the cloud.

It can't go but a little piece there; it's at the West Coast. Judgment struck just in the very way it went. Going right up over Phoenix and right on across, on to Prescott and across the mountains to the West Coast, right on up into... Where was they going? Right on up into Alaska, and she is thundering, heading right that way.

These three message were preached in Phoenix, Tucson and Prescott. "she" is thundering. This is the Wife of Christ now, thundering. The angels flew over Phoenix from Tucson and went straight up into Alaska and struck the Earth bringing the Alaskan Earthquake. He had to go to Phoenix to preach his message, God's Power To Transform, because Phoenix was the bird that would rise out of the ashes and the start a New Day.

'GOD'S POWER TO TRANSFORM'; Phoenix, Arizona. 11th September, 1965.
35. And It never can fail. Jesus said, "Heavens and earth will fail, pass away, but My Words shall never fail." And It cannot fail, and being God, because It's part of Him.

36. And then you being a son and daughter, you are part of It, and that makes you a part of Him. So that's why we come to fellowship together around the Word of God.

2. And last year when we were here, I believe it was in January, at the convention, it was the time that that priest (what's his name? I forget his name now) was here. [Someone says, "Stanley."--Ed.] Stanley, Bishop Stanley, from the Catholic church. You remember when he brought me the Bible, you know, and he said to me.

The exchange of the "book" and the changing of the administration is opened and talked about at the start of the message, "God's Power To Transform". Demos was the minister that came in and pulled the people into organization out from William Branham. His wife died between 2 and 3 a.m that day. They rejected the Prophet, started a denomination and died between the Second and the Third Coming ... between the second and third pull.

'GOD'S POWER TO TRANSFORM'; Phoenix, Arizona. 11th September, 1965.
35. And It never can fail. Jesus said, "Heavens and earth will fail, pass away, but My Words shall never fail." And It cannot fail, and being God, because It's part of Him.

36. And then you being a son and daughter, you are part of It, and that makes you a part of Him. So that's why we come to fellowship together around the Word of God.

37. Now this Word transformed, I looked up in the dictionary, yesterday. When, I almost lost track of the time that I was to be up here, when I was looking for a text, and I found this Word, or this text, rather, Scripture. And in the dictionary it says that it's "something that's changed." It's to be "changed." Transformed, "made different than what it was." It's been, "Its character and everything has been changed in it," to transform.

The whole unit is transformed. The dimensional world always follows along close to what we are doing. We are transforming and they are using the fourth dimension to make money off of "transformers".

38. And I thinking this morning, in Genesis 1. This world was without form, and it was void, and darkness was upon the earth; nothing but a complete chaos. And when this world was in that condition, the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the water, and the entire picture was changed; from a total chaos, to a Garden of Eden. That is transforming Power of God that can take something that's nothing and make something wonderful out of it. God's transforming Power!

When light passes through matter it causes "static" electricity and forms gravity. The light pulled all of the elements of matter together. Just like the Light is doing us today. We are pulling together and forming under the gravity and truth of the Light. When the Light moved into your little piece of earth (flesh body) it struck the earth and pulled it together and gave you the gravity of the Word. The New Birth pulled it all together. We changed from total chaos to a Garden of Eden.

42. And God can write. God wrote the ten Commandments with His Own finger. He wrote on the walls of--of Babylon once, with His finger. He stooped down and wrote in sand one time, with His finger. God can speak. God can read. God can write.

Look at that transformation from Pillar of Fire to flesh in a moment. God kneels, God writes, God drinks, God sleeps: it is His transformation.

43. God is the Fountain of all grace and Power, and of all Divine wisdom, is in God. So therefore, knowing that, He is the only Creator there is. There is no other creator but God. Satan cannot create, at all; he only perverts what's been created. But God is the only Creator.

That human spirit can't create, it only perverts. Only the Word-man is a creator.

44. Therefore, He created by His Word. He sent His Word. So all the seeds that He had placed upon the earth, He formed those seeds by His Own Word, for there was no nothing else to make the seed out of. He had placed them, and they were beneath the water. He just said, "Let there be this, and let there be that."

47. The first man was in the image of God, which is Spirit. John 4, says, "God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth." But God is a Spirit. And the first man, that He created, was spirit-man, and he was in the image and in the likeness of God. ...

The first "created" man was the spirit-man. That is the human spirit! That human spirit was first formed in the image of God ... made perfect until iniquity was found in it.

... And then He put this man in flesh, and man fell. So then God came down and become in the image of man, that He might redeem that fallen man. That's the real Gospel story, to my - -to my opinion. 50...

Look at that. The human spirit was put into flesh and "man" - the human spirit, fell!!!!!!!!! The human spirit is a part of the unit of the flesh-man. The Word-body did not fall, the Word-man. We made something that could and would fall and then we tempted it and it fell. It is our only way to understand the fullness of God. All life comes from God, even the evil part. And when it is done it is consumed by the same Word-body that made it.

50. Because, the great Creator had just sent forth His Word, and the Word seed was there before the real seed was ever formed. And the Word formed the seed. See, "He made the world out of things that does not appear." See, He--He made the world by His Word. God spoke everything into existence.

God (the Word-man) made the body unit of the flesh-man and put darkness in it that would be tempted and fell. Then God said, "I am responsible and I'll pay the price". Now that is a story of love. Adam was not deceived. Isaiah 45: I am God and there is no other beside me. I create good and I create evil, I create darkness and I create light. I the Lord do all these things.

54. God was the father of Adam; "Adam was the son of God," according to the Scriptures. He was the Son of God.

55. And God made him a helpmate, out of his own body; perhaps a rib from over his heart, so she would be close to him, and made him a helpmate. It really wasn't his wife as yet, no more than it was man as yet; He had just spoke it. And there is where the trouble come, Satan found her before Adam did. So, it was just His Word He had spoken.

Adam and Eve were not yet technically husband and wife yet. When the carnality came, it and ... that choice was made to step into the natural birth by choice. Adam wasn't deceived, (the Word-man). Eve was deceived, (the flesh-man). The human spirit made its choice outside the Word and the temptation worked! Adam stepped into the natural birth process without being deceived. The Word-man stepped into the natural birth process by letting the flesh-man unit have "free choice". "free moral agency" was given to the unit and Satan lifted himself up.

The flesh-man unit = "Balaam, go ahead Balaam, but I won't change my mind about my Word." The human spirit used the body to bring forth the natural birth and the Word-man used the same body to bring forth the Spoken Word birth.

64. And everything under control, to bring forth of its kind. Now remember, "to bring." When He put the seed in the earth, the seed can only come forth with the power of life within it, to transform it from a seed to a plant, or whatever it was. His transforming power! Now, God put the seed in there, with potentials that it would be what He said it would be. And as long as it stayed in its right category, it would be just exactly what God said it would be. It had to be that way, because He had made it that way, and made a channel.

Listen to this closely. Everything under control - nothing out of control!!!!! The predestinated seed (Theophany with knowledge) has all the potentials in it. When it manifests it is no longer potentials, it is manifesting and real.

That, anything that stays in His channel, in His line of Word, it will have to bring forth exactly like His Word said it would do. It cannot move from there. It's channeled just exactly right. So, with everything in the trust in His Own son, that it would be that way, then God said, "It's all good, so I'll just rest. And each one of those seeds has power in itself, to transform itself into the specie that I desire it to be.

With everything in the trust in His own son - God said, "It's all good"!!! Nothing has changed in God's mind. It is all "still" good. A Son of God cannot be damned! No matter what - it is good. God wasn't worried about the coming enemy or the issues to rise. He trusted in His son - we made the right choices!!!!!!! We are moving through exactly the way that it was planned. Glory, "So I'll just rest"!!! Each one of those Seeds holds the overcoming prevailing power within it. If I run them through a Tree of Knowledge that doesn't matter!!!!!!! God loved it when Adam did what he did. He chose the darkest road.

That, anything that stays in His channel, in His line of Word, it will have to bring forth exactly like His Word said it would do. It cannot move from there. It's channeled just exactly right. So, with everything in the trust in His Own son, that it would be that way, then God said, "It's all good, so I'll just rest. And each one of those seeds has power in itself, to transform itself into the specie that I desire it to be.

The Seed has the transforming power to pull you out of the darkness of chaos in your earth.

66. Now after it's all so well and set in order, God felt sure now that this would all be all right, and then, when He did, then came in the enemy. I'm going to... God gave power to transform. And I'm going to call this fellow, with power not to--to create again, but I'm... He had power to deform, not transform; but to deform. Now, anything deformed is taken from its original state, there is something that's gone wrong with it.

God felt sure that this would all be all right. "Amen................" After the Lord created it so good, then He sent in the enemy! No matter the enemy, it couldn't break the Veil and destroy Eternal Life.

70. The deformer! I know this seems to be rather strange to speak of it in this way, "to--to deform," but that's what he was; he deformed, or perverted. Pervert means "to be changed over, made something different." And deform is the same thing, that it's been brought over and deformed, and "made in another way." Yet it's still the same seed, but it's deformed.

Glory! You are still the same seed that God said, "It is good, I'll just rest now".

71. Now we find that this deformer has also had the same amount of time, to deform, as God had to transform. Now he planted his seed, or, never planted his seed, he... in the Garden of Eden. Since that time, he has had six thousand years of deforming the Seed of God, the Word of God; to deform It, make It something different; when he... the first time that Eve listened to him, and got herself just one little phrase. 74...

The human spirit and the Word-man has both had the same amount of time in that flesh body to either deform or transform. The human spirit has to surrender! If there is a Word-body inside the human spirit has to surrender. If there is not, the human spirit will take it over completely and reject the Word.

74. He said, "Oh, surely you will not die." See, he was a--a man, he said, "You, you do this now. And, you, you are kind of an ignorant people. You, really, you don't know all things. But if you would only partake of this, then you would have wisdom, you would have knowledge. You would know right from wrong and be like Gods, you, if you would only partake of this wisdom that I have. I know, but you don't."

I can't lose Eternal Life because I never gained it. I am. They had no experience or revelation to back up their knowledge. When they broke the veil of the water world and went into the blood world it was a journey into revelation and experience and it started with knowledge.

God uses and has used many parts of the body of the Lord to reveal in detail the contrast. That didn't change God's mind about His Word. The Word still overcomes. Amen: if people would just stop and listen and let the inside person take this Message it will transform you. This Message is the message of life now. It is not a man and we are not building a church. This is God's Seed on the Seed calling for all Seed to come forth.

There is a lot of very good content in this audio message (which is 1hr 54min and 54MB - link at page top). Below is the time position on the audio file of some of the topics found, and some not found in the text above. Text below is generally not original wording of audio - so is far best to go to that section of the audio to hear full version.
1.10 - About times of discernment on Paltalk, and healing.
2.00 - glorified bodies, wedding supper, etc., already belong to the believers, no waiting - all now.
5.00 - Thirsting - on Aquarian man poring urn into Earth for southern fish that they can drink endlesly, and the Gemini white wolf, these two bringing the transformation to bring on the City of God which is made up of jasper (Aquarian) and sardis (Gemini) stones, ... etc.
7.35 - '...the Day of Pentecost came in the House of Gemini, and the Church moved into Pisces but the blessing came in the House of Gemini, and then when the Church moved out of Pisces it came through Aquarius. And even the sun itself ...moved out of the Pisces House after about 2000 years and now it came into Aquarius in January 1997.'
8.30 - Wm Branham in 1963 in opening the Seals to catch the Bride away into the Age of Aquarius. She was under the sun in the House of Pisces, and under the Gospel she was in the House of Cancer; and he moved her from Cancer to Aquarius. In April 1947 he said that hundreds of thousands of saints "...cried for years for God to restore the gift of Divine healing to the church. And when God moved the orbits thirty-seven years ago, and foreordained it and sent it, and ....down in Arkansas, down across the country, thousands are being healed, coming through there, of all kinds of sickness and diseases." 37 years previously William Branham was born and he was referring to that and his healing ministry. Everything that is going has to happen in heaven, and then He ties it into a people in the Earth.
10.30 - Origin of the term Third Testament today. Understanding was dificult in 1963 because of the different Houses being manifested at the time. So God changed us over into the Aquarian House, and in the opening of the Seals dropped the Message of Christ into the House of Leo - Leo the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Leonis. So Christ was preaching out of Leo and the Bride was in Aquarius - in the Zodiac those Houses are exactly 180 degrees opposite to each other. And then communction became easy. [need to listen to audio of this - full text when published will be good]. 12.45 - Communication from Leo comes in and strikes the sun in Aquarius, continuing straight on through - opening up the understanding.
13.05 - The long road to Emmaus and the way He broke bread - typing it with today in Aquarius, opening the understanding. Where we are at now, in the House being fed by Jesus Christ (16.30).
18.00 - Romans 12:2 Be 'Transformed' and not 'Conformed'. The mind and lusts. Declaring yourself 'holy'. Transfigured - a changed body.
27.40 - Fashioning oneself as opposed to God doing it. You 'conform' to a religion because there is no Life to transform. Alcohlics and conforming as example. Human spirit conforms, but Jesus Christ transforms.
37.00 - A Saint is the most Holy - How the Catholic Church use that, and how they 'conform', but 'transformation' makes you Holy now.
42.55 - 'Be ye Holy'! A declared statement! Phoenix, made a fable, yet it is a symbol - the Speckled Fiery Bird (Eagle) that rises out of the ashes after 1000 years (millenium), flying into sun - and tying it in with New York Twin Towers 9/11, 37 years, the womb, new day, ...
50.00 - Jesus standing on Sunset Mountain looking at us, White wig - the last message / messenger to 2nd Coming. Tucson meaning = 'sending a message in the cloud'. Angels heading to Alaska and 1964 Anchorage earthquake.
59.00 - Detailing of events re 'the acceptable year of the Lord' Scripture with William Branham and Catholic Bishop handing him correct Bible, death prophesied of Demos Shakarian's wife (Pentecostal church) between 2 and 3.
1.04.05 Transformers, the entire picture changes from total chaos to a Garden of Eden. Void Earth - Light is the Pillar of Fire - Theophany - forming Earth. Makes us from nothing to something wonderful.
1.11.20 - God creating, forming by His Word. First man, 'image of God' - Spirit man; human spirit created - putting both into a body order for us to understand ourselves - [My flesh having been expressed from out of My Theophany and then Me stepping into it to experience this Earthly state and the dark and material side of what I created] - gaining experience beyond just the knowledge. The flesh-man had fallen, then God came in the 'image of man' to redeem back the fallen man. God caused (allowed) the fall so that I could experience this material and dark side of My Creation, and He was obligated to redeem Me back. - He created the devil (or you would have two Gods).
1:21:0 - Satan found her before Adam did - temptation - both Satan and God using the same flesh body.
1:30:30 - God loved what Adam did - in choosing the darkest road.
1:31:30 - Whatever you have done, married 3 or 4 times, drugs, or whatever; for if you have a seed of God in you it doesn't matter - it will be or has already transformed you. Even sickness - it has to go - be finished with it and watch God go to work.
1:39:00 - On Genesis 3:4: 'And the Serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die'. And the serpent (a man) said '.. that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened , and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.' Everything the Serpent said was true, but Adam knew he had One greater on the inside of Him, and took that dark route. It cast him out of the water world and into the blood world, ...bringing Him closer to God. As in a birth; Water ...blood ...then Spirit (Jesus).

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