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Thirst- Part 2

Summary of Sermon Spoken on 21st March 2013 by Pastor Donald Parnell, Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A.

This year I'm going to have two ministers to preach in each service. So just make yourselves comfortable, both the preachers and believers, and enjoy the double portion this year. It's the Jubilee.

The three Hebrew boys had everything they didn't need burned off of them ... we too. It took exactly a generation to form the triple junction.It takes a dimensional change to pick up the Coming of the Lord. Here we are 50 years later and what do we see in this day, 2013? It is a different Message - "We get it, the crystal is here" ... keeping my body full of the spirit and the revelation and it is going well.

ISAIAH 55:1 - 2:Ho, every one that thirsteth, come ye to the waters, and he that hath no money; come ye, buy, and eat; yea, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.

The call is made! You don't need money, you don't need education, you don't need a job, and you don't need to survive economically. The more you try to use education the further away you will get from God. You don't need the economic system, you don't have to own a business and you don't need money in your pocket. Those that come this way, come by predestination.

55:2: Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labour for that which satisfieth not? hearken diligently unto me, and eat ye that which is good, and let your soul delight itself in fatness.

The Book of Joel, 2 - speaking of the Day of Pentecost! Corn, oil, bread, vats ... didn't come from the grocery store!

PSALM 143:6 - 7:  I stretch forth my hands unto thee: my soul thirsteth after thee, as a thirsty land. Selah. Hear me speedily, O LORD: my spirit faileth: hide not thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.
Hear me speedily, O LORD: my spirit faileth: hide not thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go down into the pit.

The face of the Lord is the "Cloud" - He didn't hide it from us.

'THIRST'; Tucson, Arizona. Sunday, 19th September, 1965.
46.  Now we'll take some of the natural. Thirst is first. Let's take, for instance, thirsting for water. As David said here, thirsting for, of "the water." Thirsting for water, the body is in need of water. And if you don't supply that thirst, you'll perish. You will dehydrate, and you'll--you won't live. ...

The human body will turn on itself to try and find water in every place it can, if you don't have any water in you.

... If you can't get water to that thirst, to quench that thirst of the natural body you will soon perish. You won't live long. You can live longer without food than you can without water. Because, you can fast for forty days (Jesus did), I suppose, without--without food, but you couldn't do that long without water. ...

"New water" every day!!!!!!!!!! Jesus went forty days and then He hungered. And then He ate. If you get hungry, eat. The 'fast' is over; otherwise the Lord will keep you fasting. The Word-man will carry the natural elements into a supernatural realm. No food for forty days. That human body went into a supernatural realm. The Word-man moved the flesh body into a dimensional realm where it could live without food. When you step into the supernatural the spiritual man will take control of the natural elements in a person.

... You would just simply dry up and die. You must have water. And--and the thirst that comes on you, why, it's to show that the body is in need of something, to keep it alive. The body has got to have the water, in order to stay alive. You are eighty-something percent of water and petroleum, anyhow, and you've got to take these sources in, to keep you alive. As I have said, if you neglect it you'll perish.

The bodies of the three Hebrew boys went into the supernatural in the fire; the body of Daniel couldn't be eaten. The Word-man took him into another realm dimensionally.

These messages have built things supernatural into your body and you will use it at the right time. The supernatural in a natural man will control you and everything around you. You've drank seven years of 'water' now that has changed your body.

54.  Now, if that deer can't find water! Now, water has something in it, that, when the deer drinks the water, it stops the bleeding. But if he don't get water to cool him off, then the--the blood keeps flowing out faster; because he is running, keeping his heart pumping. But if he can ever get to water, the deer will live. 67...
47. The thirst also is an alarm. It's an alarm clock, that thirsting. The soul sets off alarm clock, a little buzzer inside of you that tells you that death has lurking nigh. That, if you don't get water pretty soon, you've got to die. And it gets louder and louder, until finally you keep putting it off and you'll die, because it's an alarm clock. 54...

That water has something in it - the needed things for sustaining life. Make it to the 'water'. Your desire should be to make it to 'water' above everything else. The desire of your revelation should pull you together. You are receiving from this water the needed things so you can face tomorrow.

Israel has a Passover Feast at this time of the year. On the 50th year Jubilee natural Israel had the death angel passed through their land again (President USA in symbol). And we are protected by the Message of the Hour. The natural Israel doesn't have a protector today. The angel is protecting the Royal Seed now. If the heart can get to the water it'll live.

AMOS 8:11 - 12:Behold, the days come, saith the Lord GOD, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the Words of the LORD: and they shall wander from sea to sea, and from the north even to the east, they shall run to and fro to seek the Word of the LORD, and shall not find it.

They shall wonder from "sea" to "sea" - listen to that! Water, but undrinkable.

8:13 - 14: In that day shall the fair virgins and young men faint for thirst. They that swear by the sin of Samaria, and say, Thy God, O Dan, liveth; and, The manner of Beersheba liveth; even they shall fall, and never rise up again. Beer-sheba = "well of the sevenfold oath" Dan - the tribe that had his name blotted out - (Laodicea). They that say, "Oh, Dan - say we are still in the Church Ages." Beersheba - well of the sevenfold oath - set up God's and declare they are still in the Seventh Church Age under that Message. They shall fall and "never" rise again. I'm like Gideon, I'll tear those idols down.

'THIRST';  Tucson, Arizona. Sunday, 19th September, 1965.
67.  I was saying it the other day, at Phoenix. It stand quoting again, that, "All this modern civilization, the whole educational program, the whole scientific program, is all contrary to God's Word and His will." Civilization is absolutely... There will never be a civilization in the world that is to come, like this one. This is a perverted civilization. God had His first civilization upon the earth, when He spoke His Words and they come up, every seed of its kind, and in that civilization there was no death, sickness, sorrow. And now we take the things that is in the scientific world, that was put here to hold it together, and pervert it into something, and that brings death.
71.  I was in Africa where I'd see them boys that never had a dose of medicine in their life. They eat meat that had maggots in it. They drank out of a pool that it looked like would kill an ox. And I was shooting a target at two hundred yards, and I couldn't see it with a pair of seven-fifty binoculars. And a man my age was standing there, telling me where it was hit, with his naked eye. Now, if all this modern culture has done something... I feel if I had his eyes and his stomach, I would be a pretty good man.

This modern religion in the Mess-Age hasn't done much either.

96.  Now Satan takes these things, as I said, and perverts them. Then if you won't give that thirst the right place in your life, and won't thirst and take the things that God provided to stop that thirst with, to quench it, then Satan will lead you to some of his stagnant cesspools of this world. You must have it somewhere. If you can't find food, you'd eat from a garbage can. See? And if you couldn't find water, and you was dying, you'd drink out of a pool of any kind, because you are perishing.

Find good food. It is in the Third Testament.

97.  But there is no reason for that, when you're thirsting for God, because God is a living God, not some historical something. "My soul thirsts for Thee, the living God," Something that gives living waters, Something that satisfies.

There is no reason for that to happen. The Third Testament is here and the food is a mountain of fresh bread and fountains of living water. Balaam fooled Israel into doing such a thing as fellowshipping in that mess and God cut their heads from their shoulders.

101.  And now how Satan tries to pervert this satisfying of the soul, that thirst for the soul! He tries to give you everything to satisfy it. And he is so deceitful in these days of perversion. This is a perverted world. It's a perverted race. It's a perverted people. Everything is perverted, and has perverted so gradual until it's become the most deceitful age that any human being ever lived in. It's more deceitful than it ever was.

Only the predestinated from the Cloud will walk in this life and not worship the 'mark of the beast'.

JOHN 19:28 - 29:After this, Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst. Now there was set a vessel full of vinegar: and they filled a spunge with vinegar, and put it upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth.

I need for this part of my persecution to be done. That is what he was thirsting for, to move to the next thing. And they thought he meant a natural thirst. They had no idea what he was speaking about. Two false witnesses said, "Jesus said he'll tear down the Temple and raise it in three days".They misplaced His Word.

'THIRST';  Tucson, Arizona. Sunday, 19th September, 1965.
108.  Now, you cannot pull sin through the pages of this Bible. No, It stops it. It filters it out. Now, you can go to church, and just take anything, but you can't come through this Bible and have sin. It will not do it. It filters out all sin, and It gives a holy man's taste. ...

Let the Word-man take everything through its filter. You'll be clean.

... Because if the man is thinking that he wants to be holy, and be like God, and be a son or a daughter of God, then he wants the right kind of a Filter. So He stops all sin on this side the Bible, and He can only bring the Holy Spirit through the Bible, that wrote the Bible. It's a holy man's taste, to have this thinking man's Filter.
115.  Now, you know that David said here, "for the living God." Now, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us." Then there can be no satisfaction until this Word, which is God, becomes alive in you, then you see God Himself fulfilling the promises that He made in the Bible.121 ...

You'll see it, "then", when the Word comes alive in you. You'll see your Day and your Message. No one will understand the Word of God until that person stops making the Bible their idol. Denominational Church Of Christ is the worst spirit there is, and the Mess-Age is full of the Church Of Christ denominational spirit. Look at what the Prophet said!!!!!

121.  We always say today, people try to say, "We compare. We've got to compare Bible leaf with Bible leaf, Scripture with Scripture." That isn't the Truth. No, it isn't the Truth. "This Greek Word means this, and this means that." The Greeks themself, way back in the Nicaea Council, and them writers back in there, they had different forms. One believed this way, this Greek scholar meant this, and the other one said this one meant it this way. And they fussed over It. We don't need interpretation of Greek scholars or Greek Words.

That proves of the resurrection is not in the Bible. It is in you!!!!!

122.  "To know Him is Life," the Person, Christ Himself! Not comparing. It's a revelation that God built His Church upon. And if we don't build upon that same Church... The Bible said, "Abel, by faith!" And faith is a Divine revelation. See, faith is a Divine revelation. All right. ...

Get the "person" or die. "The person will give you the revelation".

... This whole Thing is built upon the revelation then, and unless this is revealed to you! Jesus said, "I thank Thee, Father, that Thou has hid these things from the wise of this world, and revealed it to babes such as will learn." See, now, the whole thing is built there, you've got to know the Person!
123.  And you cannot satisfy that by joining church. You've got to find the Person, God Himself, which is the Word and--and interpretation of Hisself today, the promises that He made today. The people that He was going to have in this day, "the Church without spot or wrinkle," don't mean a denomination; it means the persons, the individuals without spot or wrinkle. ...
... "Be two in the bed, I'll take one and leave one; two in the field, I'll take one and leave one." But when God, that holy thirst to be like Him, and then you see that His Word is in you, vindicating Itself, that you are God's servant. Whatever God says, you just toe right up to it, then you're coming through the right process then to satisfy that holy thirst that's in you.
124.  Oh, of course, the people will laugh at you, and say, "You've lost your mind. You've gone crazy." But remember what they're drinking from, see. Look where they are at. Could you imagine a big artesian well spurting up fine water, and somebody down at one of them holes down there, with dead tadpoles, and creeds and everything laying in it, drinking down there, looking up and making fun of you? Oh! Why, he doesn't know, what a thirst-quenching Stream you're living at.
125.  We got a living God. Not one that died nineteen hundred years ago and stayed in the grave, but One that raised again. Hebrews 13:8, says, "He's the same yesterday, today, and forever." The same Holy Ghost that fell on the Day of Pentecost is the same Holy Ghost that's here now. He is the satisfying Portion, because He is the Word. That's right. The Holy Ghost wrote the Word, He interprets the Word. The Bible said, in II Peter, that the Holy Spirit wrote the Bible, "Man of old, moved by the Holy Ghost, wrote the Bible."
126.  Now, you can't do it, you can't satisfy that holy thirst with nothing less than God Himself living in you, in the Person of the Holy Spirit. Education, culture, joining churches, reciting creeds, going to belong in a fellowship; all these things are very good, but they absolutely will not stop that holy hush, that--that holy thirst, rather, won't hush that holy thirst.
130.  You only know God by an experience. You cannot educate This into you. It's borned into you! It's something that God gives you. Education has nothing to do with It. One of the greatest men in the Bible couldn't even sign his name, Saint Peter.

That's exactly right, him and John, the Bible said, "They were both ignorant and unlearned." But it pleased Jesus to give him the keys to the Kingdom, because he was thirsting for God. Amen. Thirsting for God, fellowship.

137.And let me tell you, friend, I don't care how many churches you join, how many names you put on, which a way you go, and whether you are sprinkled, baptized, or whatever you are; until you meet that Person, Jesus Christ! That, that's the only thing that will really satisfy.

Education, old age, youth, culture ... none of them have anything to do with revelation. When you have the Revelation of Jesus Christ you will function in the heart and mind all by yourself if needed. Meet the Person!!!!!

138.  Emotion won't do it; you might jump up-and-down and shout as long as you want to, or you might run up-and-down the floor, and you might speak in tongues as much as you want to. And them things are holy and good. I don't say--I don't say nothing against that. But until you meet that Person, that satisfying Portion, that Something that takes every fiber in your body; not by emotion, but by a satisfaction!

Take the elements of your life under control!

151.  He built It upon the revelation of Who He was. He said, "Blessed art thou, Simon, son of Jonas, flesh and blood never revealed this to you, but My Father which is in Heaven has revealed this to you." Not by knowledge! You didn't learn It by books. You didn't learn It by joining church. You didn't learn It in the shouts. ...

You didn't learn it by "books". You only come this way by "predestination".

... You did... But the Holy Ghost Itself has brought the Person of Jesus Christ to you, then, "Upon this Rock I'll build My Church, and the gates of hell can't prevail against It." That holy thirst has been satisfied in the Person of Jesus Christ. There you are. That's the thing that we want to look for, satisfy that thirst with That. All right, we find that we must.
177.  By your desire, you can tell who is on the throne of your heart. By what you love, that's what tells. You, you say, "Well, I think them things are all right, Brother Branham." Well, just remember now, in your heart, you know what's there. Yes, sir. By what is feeding your soul, what your soul is thirsting for, and you can see it satisfies that; if it isn't this Word, then there is something wrong, because the Holy Spirit lives on the Word only.

You know, every one of them knows. The flesh-man through the filter of the Word-man and he will be clean. The Holy Spirit lives on the Word only.

God bless you Brother Winston. Sometimes the Lord smites us and brings water from our rock: sometimes the Lord speaks to us and brings water from our rock. Either way is the tender loving hand of God. Accept it.

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