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Connecting Terms of The New Message

Part 4 - Beyond The Token Age

Summary of Sermon Spoken on 2nd February 2014 by Pastor Donald Parnell, Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A.

Amen, as a dove looks through its windows, I find peace and rest. Who are these that fly as doves to "their" windows? ... Your servant is healed and ready for service. We showed a diagram of the steps of Brother Branham entering the Cloud back and forth from this realm. Peter, James and John entered the Cloud in great fear. We have done so too.

II THESSALONIANS 1:4 - 5:  We get our reward in you, the chosen of God, and our strength comes from your patience and faith in all your persecutions and tribulations that you endure: it is a manifest token of the righteous judgment of God, and you are counted worthy of the kingdom of God that you are suffering for.

It is a righteous thing to suffer for the Kingdom of God. All those other kingdoms will come and go.
"A Manifest Token".
Terms of an anointed message can free your understanding or bind you in confusion. Terms have a two-edged sWord and can quickly bring you to Life or death depending on your throne room within. Your nature will normally acclimate to the term that describes you. If Christ has taken the throne room then you will quickly turn to the Word when you see and hear the Message for your Day. If Satan, the human spirit, is sitting in that throne room you will not pass through the veils that he has created in your carnal mind. The human spirit does not understand this language and how the Kingdom of God unfolds. Those veils are too strong for the human spirit to break them.
The transitions and terms of the kingdom are hid to the carnal mind sitting on the throne. The mind of Christ has to be there or you won't see it. Think of the two messages of Jesus Christ and Peter and that should say all that is required to understand terms. Jesus said, "... ... baptizing them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost", and Peter said, "Be baptized every one of you in the Name of Jesus Christ." Look at that simple revelation of terms and then look at the confusion across the World about those terms.
Peter spoke the revelation of the language of Jesus. Using the terminology with revelation is understood. Without a revelation, the terms are disjointed.
"The token age" term was used to describe what Age the true Church was living in at that present time. "Token" was used to help the Bride recognize her day. Being espoused to her husband she needed a token, a ring, or a staff to understand his love. We are beyond that interval of the Son of Man now and we have the Life manifested in this "Revelation Age". We are not waiting to use the token. We have boarded the train and have displayed our token. At the wedding day, the male and female hold a token for one another. In that day the token is used to identify with the name. Today, 42 years after my wife and I married, the token is a memorial. I don't need the token to identify who my wife is today. I know her well now and she knows me. We left on the "train of Isaiah" went to the Temple in the Cloud and returned on the "white horse" of Revelation 19 - authority.
In the "Token Age" or "Bride Age" she is called to stand by His side. Today, the Wife is taken into the Palace and she is sitting in the Throne with Him today. It is now male/female in the Throne together. A lady has a New Birth. It is an Elect Lady, not elect woman.
We have now transitioned into the "Age of Maturity" wherein the Wife of Christ is on display in Her Kingdom. Moving through the Token Age was a work of God's grace by supplying us with what was needed in mediation and intercession. The propitiation of our Redeemer was enough ... and He put it in our hand to 'board the train'. Look at the Words of William Branham and how he identifies us in his Message:

We were positioned in 1963 but we had to grow in the knowledge and revelation and break through the veils slowly until we recognized the authority behind the throne of our position.

We shape-shifted into the authority of our position.

THE TOKEN;  Jeffersonville, Indiana. 1st September, 1963.
89.  There's only one thing I am responsible: is to preach it. It's God's business to look out for that predestinated seed. They're going to be there, all because... They're going to be there each one of them, one with the other: the water age, the blood age, and NOW THE TOKEN AGE of the Holy Ghost.

Water, blood ... the Token Age. They came out of the Church Ages and entered into the "Bride Age", the "Token Age" for a short quick work within that interval to take our position after the opening of the Seals. Now we can add to that and say, "and the "Age Of Maturity", the Son of David Age or the Third Testament. In the days of Moses, when the people were in Goshen, the last plague was manifested, and it was time for deliverance. Moses had only one thing for the people to do in order for the firstborn to escape death. He said that a "token" of lambs' blood must be applied to the door-post and lentils of every house wherein there was firstborn living. The deliverance from Egypt held one messenger with the Capstone Prophetic Ministry that would deliver them from Egypt. [idobelieve: Moses was the Lamb.] Amen, Sister Elizabeth; "Moses was the Lamb".
The death angel passed over the firstborn of every creature if the blood was applied. The death angel held no favorites. He would strike any of Israel's firstborn as quickly as Egypt's if the blood was not applied. Everyone that was in the land was subject to that death angel. Provisions were made for the people of God. It was a way to bypass the death angel! Their way out was to unite with the Word of their prophet, Moses, and do as he said. Only the protection of a prophet's Word will stop death. It was a time to "identify"!!!!!! The Third Testament Age is "identification". If you are not willing to lay your hands on the Sacrificial Lamb and identify with it, then you are not worthy to enter further revelation. Darkness awaits you.
It wasn't lamb's blood that Israel came under the protection of in that day. It was hearing the prophet Moses, accepting what he said, and acting upon what he said. Otherwise every firstborn male child died. Had Pharaoh listened to Moses that night and told Egypt to strike lamb's blood on the doors of their houses, they would have all been bypassed too. The true blood is "the Word"
. However, the Word of Moses was rejected by Egypt and they paid the consequences of not listening to a Prophet of God in the land. It is always obedience to the Word of the day that makes the difference. Adam told Cain, "Do as your brother Abel and your sacrifice will be accepted." However, sin was at the door of Cain - he didn't believe. Pharaoh hated the messenger so much that he denied the message. It is always obedience to the Word of the day that makes the difference.
It was the day of Israel's deliverance. It was their evening time in Egypt. The Evening Time Message, the Token, was coming into existence. The Evening Seal was breaking to move them into greater Light. That Age is finished and we have been delivered out of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Now we moved into the Third Coming of Jesus Christ as that placement brought us back to Earth in a return that enthroned us in the Son of David Ministry. When you see the 'evening star' hanging in the sky it is a sign that a "New Day" is coming. The sun will shine on a new date.

THE TOKEN;  Jeffersonville, Indiana. 1st September, 1963.
73.  The lamb was killed in THE EVENING TIME, after being kept up for fourteen days. And then the lamb was killed and the blood was applied in the evening time. You get it? The token never come into existence until the evening time. And this is THE EVENING TIME OF THE AGE that we live in. This is the EVENING TIME FOR THE CHURCH. This is THE EVENING TIME FOR ME. This is THE EVENING TIME OF MY MESSAGE. I'm dying. I'm going. I'm moving out, in THE EVENING TIME OF THE GOSPEL. And we've come up through justification, and so forth, but this is the time that the Token has to be applied. ...It's got to be done. If it's ever going to be done, it's got to be done now. Because, we can see that the wrath is about ready to pass through the land, and everything from under that Token will perish.

14 days - Old and New Testament - 7 & 7. 1963-1977 - 14 years (day) until the New Day began to rise rapidly.
It was also used in Joshua's ministry in the same manner. Just before Jericho faced destruction, a harlot named Rahab was offered an escape for her and her family. But the way out is of no use, unless it is accepted. A pardon is not valid unless it is taken at face value. The whole Church world today is looking for what they think God will look like, and are walking right by Him every day.
Remember what Paul had to do with Apollo and his group of John the Baptist followers? It was also used in Joshua's ministry in the same manner. Joshua didn't look like a savior to Jericho. But he was one to Rahab ... God in human flesh every time. They have their own ideas about how He will return, and what He will look like, and are not satisfied with Him dwelling in flesh again in the Third Coming of Jesus Christ. The Message followers today are still looking to the future for the Coming of the Lord, when He has already come, displayed His Power in the call to the 'meeting in the air', and returned setting up His Kingdom in Earth.
That harlot, Rahab, had no good works and was condemned by the Law of Moses, but there was a way. Even though she had all of her issues there was a way made to the predestinated Seed of God. God will not forsake His own. Even if it all looks bad, and the world is putting the Wife of Christ in a vice, she always comes out victorious. The thread of scarlet itself did not save her; it was the obedience to the Will of God in Joshua that did it. I left the mark of death, the Cain way and stepped into the New Day.
That Token Message was God's provided way for an entrance, a door of utterance, into the Third Coming of Jesus Christ. Don't try to present a token today and seek His presence and blessing. He is already married and we are His Queen with all of the authority that the Token brought to us in that little interval age of the Son of Man. Rahab walked out of prostitution into the lineage of Christ - the Third Testament .

CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED';  Jeffersonville, Indiana. 28th July, 1963.
517.  And the Head is revealed, and come back with Eternal Life; and the Body must follow that, because it is Husband and Wife again. Amen! And as long as you're pregnated with the same Word, which is His Body; you've took His Body, become in Him, when you took the Word. Not the creed; the Word!

Head = Christ = is revealed = "made known". And as long as you're pregnated with the same Word, which is His Body; your body is "His" Body.

519.  Don't you fail this. THE BODY, THEREFORE, CANNOT RECOGNIZE ANY OTHER HEADSHIP BUT THE WORD. Cause, THE HEAD IS CONNECTED WITH THE BODY, AND THE HEAD IS THE WORD, AND IT'S THE SAME WORD, ONE HEADSHIP! Therefore, denominations, and holy fathers, and everything else, is dead dung. There is one Headship, that's Christ. The Body only recognizes one thing, the Word!

We have the full Word = the Head. We came through the interval of the Son of Man to connect the Head with the body, "identification time".

328-3.  We will have the Word once again as it was perfectly given, and perfectly understood in the days of Paul. I will tell you who will have it. It will be a prophet as thoroughly vindicated, or even more thoroughly vindicated than was any prophet in all the ages from Enoch to this day, because this man will of necessity have THE CAPSTONE PROPHETIC MINISTRY.

"One man" in the Bride Age had the Prophetic Capstone Ministry - William Branham - Elijah the Prophet. Now we see God and why He told "me" to go back to the Prophet's Message to get our correction. Now we move out from there - God blesses us with Word - more spokespersons and believers.

152-3.  And once a true son of God hears the cry of the Spirit by the Word, he too, will realize who he is and run to the Great Prophet Eagle and be with Him forever seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. NOW COMES OUR TRIUMPHAL CAPSTONE on the Baptism with the Holy Ghost.

Run to the great Prophet Eagle - we did it and now we have the Triumphal Capstone - the Third Testament . I'll, we'll, she'll ride this trail. So now we see that something has to be met to actually enter into the Revelation. In this case a lamb had to be killed, and the blood of that creature was the sign that the price had been paid. "If I see the blood I will pass over you." Those Old Testament examples are just a perfect type of what the New Testament Bride Body had to do at the time of deliverance.
The Bride Age believers sat in their own "Goshen" and were delivered by the Promise. We are the product of that deliverance and we are matured, fully dressed for the journey, and arrayed in our Theophany ... 'white robes of fine linen' displayed in the 'meeting in the sky' in 1963. We are eating the Word of God as hastily as we can, and our 'loins are girded'.
The Prophet sounded and said, "The token must be applied." Now in our Message we are sounding the Trumpet loud that the Kingdom is here, the Wife of Christ is matured and we are 'eating on the feast' with all readiness of mind. The Blood of the Lamb (Church Ages) are finished, the Prophet introduced the Bride to the Husband, and the Life of Christ has produced exactly what the union was meant for in this Day!
The pale horse and his rider of death are no match now. The gates of hell can't stand against Her. When the Blood of the Lamb was applied, She was married and arrayed in Her Wedding Garment. She responded to the Word-Body by going to the Wedding Supper in the Sky and there is no writ or law that can reverse her growth.
I will sing unto the Lord, for he is worthy to be praised, for the horse and the rider are cast into the sea.
The pale horse and its rider are in politics and religion now - he can't stand in Heaven any longer. The law of liberty in Christ Jesus is living in her and the law of death is removed. The only one that applies is, "I'll pass over you"! The Blood of God must be applied to your fleshly house. Death and the grave have no hold on your natural body when it has been born again. Think of how Rahab must have felt as Joshua was changing her position by the Word.
Joshua changed the position of Rahab by the Word. Her status as prostitute was no longer and she was a Hebrew. She was sentenced by every person in Jericho as filthy, and in fact, she was guilty. But nothing can overcome the power of the Word and its pure washing. Death was all around her but could not touch her. All it could do is make noise, and threaten; but it couldn't reside in the same place as the Word. Joshua's Word was greater than Rahab's sin. Joshua's mind stayed on the scarlet thread. Yes, Joshua's Word was greater than Rahab's sin! ... Digging around with the human spirit is following the devil.

THE INVISIBLE UNION OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST;  Shreveport, Louisiana. Thursday, 25th November, 1965.
379.  We're entering another age. WE'RE ENTERING THE RAPTURED AGE. ...See? It's got to be Something, and It's moving right now, friend. It's on, the move is on for the Bride. That's the Truth. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD.

The Raptured Age is "on": that's thus saith the Lord. We were created in flesh from our mother's womb. We are Eternal in Theophany. Our Eternal part entered the created part for a season. The message has gone out, death and judgment is all over the land, and the Wife of Christ sits in the Kingdom of God protected by Her Husband in the Throne.
It is not the "Token Age" any longer; but it was a term referring to a condition that we were so blessed to come through, in that Son of Man Age. And now we understand that we passed through the Judgment untouched as we entered the Life of the Son of David Age, the Age of Maturity. "Blessed is those that hear the Words of the prophecy".
We were scattered all across the Ages and the Token Age was to pull us all back together again as one Body. We, the Headship Age, came through the Token Age to unite with the Word-Body. The Token Age was the small interval of the Son of Man to pull all the straggled loose ends together, all down through the ages, and which made us one great united Transfigured Body of Christ. Wife of Christ, desperation has taken hold of us as we long for the ones from the Cloud to catch their Day ... and to reign with us in this glorious and Notable Day of the Lord.
Walk the 'hunting grounds and hunt for kin in the land'. We have kinsmen here; let's find them on the 'hunting grounds'.

TRYING TO DO GOD A SERVICE WITHOUT IT BEING GOD'S WILL;  Shreveport, Louisiana. 27th November, 1965.
179.  Watch how close it gets to that RAZOR EDGE now between right and wrong. And remember, it'll fall on one or the other sides; and it comes down sometime like a HONED RAZOR between the difference of right and wrong. It's got to be every Word of God, not just almost every Word, but every Word. And it's got down today, not to Lutherans, not to Methodists, not to Pentecostals, but to that HONED AGE, in THIS AGE where just the antiChrist anointing is so perfectly, it would deceive the very Elected; they'll fall on the wrong side if they don't watch it, like a wedge.Watch. Be careful. We're not living in a Pentecostal age now. WE'RE PASSED THAT AGE.

When the Token is applied and you've' been to Sunset Mountain 'dressed in fine linen', then perfection abounds by revelation. Thank God for a perfect revelation that came through a Kinsman Redeemer. A person that can understand all of the terms, and roll them up and make them Christ progressing through Church, Bride, Wife and King, has a perfect understanding. It's great to walk in perfection by revelation. We can see all that God has done, unrolling himself from the Cloud - Church, Bride, Queen, Wife, King - all within us now.
Isaiah said, "If the head be sick then the whole body will be full of sores." That is why the people are full of sores and sick and dying. Their leaders are sick and dead.
This series is a real blessing to me ... looking at how much deeper we are now. It is amazing the road we have traveled. I'm getting a very crisp view of the transitional times and the changing messages, dispensations, Sonships and things.
We have changed the way to enter the live broadcast on the web. There are now two links, one for the main line and one for all mobile links such as ipads, ipods, tablets, cell phones and such. It also works for going in and downloading or listening to the messages and things on the web.
God bless to all. I love this message. My windows are always open for more light. Brother Alirio has been working hard at making it better and easier for the people.
This is the first year that we will have several meetings happening with many different ministers from USA in this Third Testament. We will be in Haiti, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, and then Haiti again and Philippines. We now have teams that can go together in this Third Coming and work well together.
Brother Wesley and Brother James Taylor will be in Haiti with Pastor Sadrac in the Youth Convention, March 2-6. Brother Dyal and I will be in New Zealand, Australia and Fiji within the same month as Brother Wesley will be in Haiti. Brothers Rick and Stephen Hall will be in Haiti in late July and August for the International Convention. And then we will travel to Philippines. Africa is in my sights. Africa will not let me die. There was such an anointing in the Bahamas. We were flying.