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Connecting Terms of The New Message

Part 9 - Dimensional Terms

Summary of Sermon Spoken on 23rd February 2014 by Pastor Donald Parnell, Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A.

It is a great blessing to see these things. We know how it humbles us and keeps us trusting in the Revelation. Those on the outside view us as thinking too much of ourselves, that we are a self-proclaimed elite group.
The supernatural race and the natural race ... that is what we see in the Earth today. Representation in Christ is the issue.

II CORINTHIANS 4:17:  For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;

You can look at that Scripture two ways. When he says "light" you can look at it as weight, or you can look at it as "the light". We are in an Earth and World where the light is afflicted for a season.

4:18:  While we look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.

We understand eternity by measurement. The mix of this present cosmos is changing continually. It is temporal.

I PETER 3:18:  For Christ also hath once suffered for sins, the just for the unjust, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh, but quickened by the Spirit:

Look at that: "... put to death in the flesh, but quickened in the spirit". That is what happens to every one of us when we die to the flesh-man and let the Word-man quicken us.

3:19 - 20:  By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison; which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah.

When you are Quickened you turn inward and talk to the "soul", the inward character, and person. Christ did his work before the 'foundation of the World' and then entered into hell and put on the flesh of Adam ... and on down through the Ages. He has been preaching in hell now for 6000 years, in each of us.
The Pillar of Fire goes inward and frees the spirits in prison to give them a new character. I certainly hope and pray that the messages to this point have helped us to understand the positioning of the believers through the translation and formation that has emerged on the backside of the veil that we just passed through. At the entrance into The Third Testament ... when the Seals were opened, hundreds of new terms emerged and continued to develop and transform.
There are books that are read ... and then there are men and women who write those books to be read. We are writing. If you step back into the Second Coming on the other side of the Veil then you have stepped back into memory, history. It is okay, but just know, that that is what you are in when you go there. Today our clarity is much clearer than even just a few years ago. We have arrived on the backside of the Veil and now we have caught the vision of how to live inside the Most Holy. In this transformation, to understand the Mind of Christ in this Full Word Age, you have to understand the "connecting of these new terms".
Today our clarity is much clearer than even just a few years ago. We have arrived on the backside of the veil and now we have caught the vision of how to live inside the most holy. In this transformation, to understand the mind of Christ in this full Word age, you have to understand the "connecting of these new terms".
The Old Testament - outer court, the Second Testament - the inner court, The Third Testament - the Most Holy.
You can't live in a memory. You can enjoy the memory but we have to live in reality. If you do not understand the connecting center, or center point of all the terms, then you will paint a horrible picture in your mind. You will have God split into so many pieces, not being able to connect the puzzle parts and you will have a distortion of the whole picture.
The old teachings separated the New Birth, Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and then you wait on Adoption into your position. That is false teaching. The baby from the womb comes as the baby from the womb and matures. Look at the Prophet's Words concerning misplacing, misinterpreting or miss-locating God's Word in this Day. It is a horrible thing to do: it has terrible consequences. You cannot receive the Revelation of Jesus Christ for this Day without giving up all of your thoughts and personal interpretations of the Message of the Hour.

'CHRIST IS REVEALED IN HIS OWN WORD';  Jeffersonville, Indiana. 22nd August, 1965.
90.  These three musts, must be: Must not misinterpret or mishandle It, misinterpret or dislocate It. It must be kept just exactly the way God said It was. To the world It's a Book of mystery. The people believe It's just a mysterious Book. ...A Book of mystery, but while to the true believer, It's the revelation of God being revealed in the age we're living in.

1. misinterpret 2. Mishandle 3. dislocate. The "continuation" of the Book of Acts.
Judas saw the power and authority in Jesus and tried to force him into a military position. He miss-located the Scriptures and the then present Messiah on the scene.
Don't try to make the new terms anything other than "the revelation of God being revealed in the age we're living in". It's the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ in the Church. Always remember this; and if you are having trouble with a term, just make it Christ in His present living believers and watch it clear up your thinking.
Apply the terms to today in the saints and watch all the confusion begin to fade away. There aren't a million Christs, or interpretations, or revelations. There is one Revelation and God has kept His Revelation through all of the turmoil. God sends His Spirit within His believers and Prophetic ministry begins to walk in the Earth. He reveals His Revelation and unites us through the transformation that is taking place in our Day.
A clear view of the Power to Transform can only come when you can relate all the terms to the person of Jesus Christ revealed in His saints. With the Power of Revelation you can bring the 'lost ends' together and see Christ revealed in the Attributes of this age". "I, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify of these things in the churches."! We are transforming because we have applied the Revelation to us. The transformation happens to the saints you are applying it to in your day.
Now we will go into terms that help define our Age and our Day. We have measured, developed and defined our Age through creation. We created terms to accent and accelerate the development of the vision and body that is living in this time. As we view these terms, think about how the Spirit brought a movement within us to open the Revelation through this language. We are creating a new language, a New Day, new terms, and a new land in which to live the vision.
After years of enlightenment we understand terms such as 'dimensional living', the 'flesh-man', the 'Word-man', the 'Spoken Word Body', the 'Son of David Ministry', the 'Joseph Ministry', the 'second ride', the 'devil is the human spirit', the 'character is the soul', the 'two units in one body', the 'Holy City', the 'Word Body', the 'sex birthed creation', the 'Seed from the Cloud' ...
Take a close look at these terms that we use regularly today. You didn't find them, hardly even 10 years ago. People are beginning to use the terms regularly, but usually they don't have the understanding. We know the Revelation behind the term. We really are the Word-made-flesh, a Spoken Word Body. The devil is the human spirit. That term causes real issues among the clergy and their congregations.
God has given us the power to kill our old soul, our character. I can kill my character and change ... take on a new character. The Holy City: what do you think when I say it? You know what it is today - it is us! They think of a big city up in the sky. Most people in the clergy and their Mess-Age congregations do not even believe in the New Birth.
'The Theophany fellowship', 'the Spoken Word Birth Creation', 'the Immortal Body', 'the Glorified Body', 'our Millennial reign', 'the three cities', 'the ministry of the THUNDERS', 'the portal', 'the people in the Cloud', 'the people in the Third Day', 'the people in the Third Heaven', 'the people in the Third Exodus', 'our Immaculate Conception', 'our Virgin Birth', 'the backside of the AGES' ... 'the Theophany Civilization' ...
Apply these terms to yourself and watch the confusion leave. The Theophany Civilization: we were alive in His Mind.
We are the saints in the Holy City. We have the Veil opened today and we see one another as the saints in the City. The people in the Holy City, The Third Testament, the three attributes of Sonship ... Eternity is a person, the Resurrection is a person, the 'curtain of flesh', the 'son of the morning' - Lucifer and Christ. 'The serpent is a man', 'Adam is Lucifer' ... and many more new terms too numerous to mention. Our Translation ... as we move through the Portal of the Cloud is tremendous.
"Dimensional Living"
We have known of the dimensions in a fundamental concept for many years now. We know that there are seven major dimensions and within each of those seven are hundreds of different folds within the seven. We have placed the dimensions of one through seven as follows: space, matter, time, record, hell (human spirit), Theophany, and Eternal thought. After many years of that foundational layout, we realize these aren't dimensions that we enter into in linear or singular motion. We know that the name or title on the "door" or "portal" of these dimensions is just that; a name or title. Within is a whole world of detail concerning each dimension.
Children's picture books have a lot of fold outs in them and that is a good illustration of what God did. The old teaching was that we live in three dimensions here and when we die, we go and live in the other dimensions. No, we are living in them all now if we are in Christ. The Holy Ghost feeds you back your memory a piece at a time. This gives you the detail and experience. Our old concept said we lived in three dimensions, or what is called 3D, which is space, matter and time. The unseen dimensions were the last four of record, human spirit, Heaven, and Eternal thought. However, as we passed through the Veils of the Second Testament all of the barriers began to dissolve and fade away.
At the opening of the seals we entered The Third Testament of Christ. Now we can see what is behind each dimensional doorway. We know the detail in our lives. We know now that we are living dimensionally on a continual basis. We are operating in all seven major dimensions as the saints of God. The Third Testament enters the Mind Age and we see all dimensions in great detail.
Space: it is the first dimension. This dimension is wherein all of the other dimensions operate. We know that space is continually expanding. It has no end to its expanding movement. It is the definition of our existence before any other dimension is manifested. Space is not limited to a single occupant in its property. Space is a fold of God. Space is not limited to a single occupant in its property. Right in my space is a human body, a Word Body, and other waves moving right through me, all at the same time. Everything exists in God and everything exists in space. The seen and unseen occupants occupying the same space.
The unseen dimensions can occupy the same space as the seen occupants within the dimensional realms. Our Word Body and our flesh body are occupying the same space and can do so continually. Other dimensions are passing through our second dimensional flesh body right now. Space contains worlds within worlds; it is amazing. Moses and Elijah and Jesus and others step into my space and preach once in a while. It is very true.
Matter: it is the second dimension and is the material mix of the sixteen elements in the Universe. We know that there are many more than sixteen elements now, as science progresses, but like the dimensions, there are sixteen major elements with many hundreds of more mixes within each major element. We have termed this as the "flesh-man" and all of his material surroundings.
Matter is contained in space and it is all of the material things that make up the universe. It consists of solids, liquids and vapors, making up our existence, second dimensionally. We use matter every single day as it is our air we breathe, it is our body we wear, it is the food we eat. Matter is manifested in two different ways and that is old creation and New Creation.
Our dimensional matter passed through the womb of a woman by sexual contact and manifested in old creation. Through the New Birth it passed through the Spoken Word by the Spirit of God and manifested in New Creation. The earthly elements will follow Christ within His Day. The elements followed Adam into death. They are following Christ back into the Eden Condition. I walk in my New Creation and eat the meat from the cow and eggs from the old creation chicken.
Look at who you are; Melchesidec! Celestial and terrestrial both ... enjoying your time here. The elements change with the Message as it progresses.
Time: it is the measurement tool of the dimensions. This third dimension is the concept of measurement and it has given us the ability and vision to measure, define, and develop the different stages of Eternity. Time measures our death, life, redemption, perversion, perfection, and measures the Theophany Civilization. Time is Eternity measured. Time is another fold of God.
[winst0n63: Everything becomes important. We don't throw anything away because It's all God doing His works in all dimensions.] Amen, Brother Winston; that is it. Time is our way of understanding ourselves - we will always use it. [enrique078: It really takes Faith to understand these truths!] Amen, Brother Enrique, real time faith! Alive.
It is Eternity measured into sections: testaments, dispensations, ages, years, Sonships, messages, ministries and lives. We will never do away with time in the fundamental manner of what we used to think. We will always measure things as it is not a problem for Eternal beings. Measuring helps us to position the Attributes of God in their alignment, development and positions.
Record: it is the fourth dimension and records all things. This dimension is sometimes called science because of our inventions that easily open the portal to this dimension. Inventions such as electricity, telegraph, telephone, radio, television, computer, copier, fax machine, satellite, cell phones, digital, scanners, cd, dvd, ipods, ipads, and tablets. It is proof that a record of all things is within an unseen dimension. It is what I call dimensional imaging.
The fourth dimension holds all memory and you can go out there and get it. We have what it takes to pick it up and use it.
Hell (human spirit): it's the "human spirit"; the fifth dimension. That's controversial intellectually, but if you look at it by revelation, it is easy to unravel. It is the mind where all unbelievers congregate. It is full of unrest, dissatisfaction, discontentment, hatred, jealousy and strife. The human spirit is created and it is present in the Earth dimensionally unseen. It's alive within the carnal mind. The carnal mind congregates all unbelievers in hell. It is true lcf-bataan - I have stood in those unseen dimensions for hours looking at them and understanding.
Theophany: the expression of perfect Word. This Sixth dimension is an unseen dimension; the Word-man. It and the flesh-man occupy the same space. This realm is reality. It is the Pillar of Fire, the Angel of the Covenant. It creates a condition, and atmosphere, to live in and that is Heaven. The Theophany is a live being living in Heaven. 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within you.' The Word-body holds the record of itself by transferring the fourth dimension into His being. Heaven is the condition that the Theophany creates. The mind moves among all of its attributes of all the other dimensions and gains all of its experience.
Eternal thought: it is the Seventh Dimension and it is everything Eternal unrolling itself into the other dimensions. This is the "Mind" of Christ. The Mind projects, creates and brings into the other dimensions its thinking, thus the Mind brings into manifestation the Eternal purpose of God. We are the only ones who recognize the folds in the book. The Mind showed it to us.
These dimensions are interacting in simultaneous motion to bring to light the purpose of Eternal Life. They are intertwined, overlapping, and in circular motions forming the best experiences for the Word-man. He imprints His memory to understand Himself. We are Eternal and we will continue these cycles perpetually as we grow and walk into the mature Word.
"Dimensional Imaging"
This term is used in this generation to help loose our minds from the traditional thoughts on the dimensions, both the Eternal and the temporal. Paul said that the things that are Eternal are not seen, and the things that are temporal are seen. The Seventh and Sixth dimensions embed the person and character of the Word-man into the second and fifth dimensional person. This is the New Birth. Until the New Birth, the old creation is imaging the World and natural-birth person which is the human spirit. At the New Birth the Word-man takes control and casts a new image; New Creation. Our dimensional imaging of the Word-man has come to its perfection as we are the perfect Word now.
We are the Word-man imaged from the thought. Now I am the architect and I am using dimensional imaging to see myself in every dimension and come to an understanding of who I am. We killed our old character and dimensionally imaged ourselves in the New Character.
As a Christian understanding our Day, you will do the very best you can to project the best possible image of yourself. Apply all of these terms to yourself, use them, walk in them. See yourself as the "I Am". You can walk through the fourth dimension and see it. Before Abraham was, I Am.
You can use the tools of the dimensions to develop yourself and take on new realms that you have never known before.