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Connecting Terms of The New Message

Part 14 - The Summary

Summary of Sermon Spoken on 23rd March 2013 by Pastor Donald Parnell, Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A.

GENESIS 22:17-18: That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies; and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.

The Seed is the Royal Seed of Abraham. Every person (nation) holding the Royal Seed inwardly is a blessed nation (person) in this life, and that Word-man will possess the 'gate of his enemy'. If you sacrifice something to God that He wants you to have, He will give it back to you. If you sacrifice something that He didn't want you to have, then you won't get it back.
Seed:  stars of the heavens - Celestial.
Seed:  sand of the sea - a Celestial being in a terrestrial body.
The Seed of God is the King of a nation, your body.

HEBREWS 11:12-13:  Therefore sprang there even of one, and him as good as dead, so many as the stars of the sky in multitude, and as the sand which is by the sea shore innumerable. These all died in faith, not having received the promises, but having seen them afar off, and were persuaded of them, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth.

... walking in a land that is uninhabitable ... these all died in the faith. The flesh body has to die. Our body can't die until we leave it; it will die.
We showed the Zodiac in diagram and showed how the 'stars of heaven' were a pattern of the believers in earth. There is an Eternal connection between the pattern of God in Heaven and Earth. Stars of the heavens, sands of the seas - the Zodiac, and the Seed of God in the Earth ... Psalm 19 in action.
*[winst0n63: Amen; Scorpio rules Pluto. "I Penetrate" ... from Thought to Materialism.] That is true, Brother Winston; we broke into materialism from the unseen. The move of the sun through the Zodiac has been approximately 24,000 years to complete the cycle. Pisces - I believe ... into Aquarius - I do and I give. [idobelieve: That's beautiful ... the progression of Creation seen in the Zodiac.]
Cygnus, the swan, is tied into the three Pyramids on Earth, bringing the revelation of the Third Testament out of Aquarius. Three testaments couldn't be revealed until Aquarius became the dominant sign in the Zodiac because of the sun (son). Now the Sonships are revealed. [winst0n63: Amen, Cygnus, 'the Blesser is coming' ... the Blesser is now here. Glory!] Amen, Brother Winston. Heaven and Earth are connected by Eternal things and patterns.

11:14 to 16:  For they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country. And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned. But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.

We have the Mind now, and we have the opportunity now to 'return'. We have 'returned' ... come back. We are Mindful and move in and out of that 'country' all the time. Notice: the city is prepared "ed" ... "... for he hath prepared for them a city."
We return into the City, and if we are not finished in the flesh, then we have to come back. It is okay. One day we will not return to the flesh. Brother Winston was using a term-"cognitive". This is a great term for the believers. It means to have all the mastered skills in all the different factions of life ... to possess the needed skills naturally by revelation ... holding multiple skills that you have naturally in life. Very few have cognitive skills in the secular world. All of have them by revelation in the Kingdom of God.
We are a cognitive people in the Third Testament. We hold all the Gifts of the ministry within us to use when it is needed. There is another term for this, and it is a person that is "divergent". We hold all the diverse skills needed to function cognitively. We are divergents and have overcome all fear. We know when something is real and when it is not. Diminishing your fears increases your skills in the body of the Lord.
Why did terminology have to change? To "awaken the bride" and Birth her from the 'womb of the Seven Church Ages'. There had to be a marriage ceremony and there had to be a Message from Christ to enlighten the Bride to her betrothed position. Divergents will come on the scene and wake you up and bring you out of your fear of change.
God had shown us everything to help us wake up to the marriage. The change was completely made and then the Lord changed our language to separate us from the wilderness walk so we could step into the Palace with Joseph. We're living differently.
The Church Ages ended in 1956. What was the period of seven years time until the Opening of the Seals? After seven years of restoration under the Elijah of Malachi 4, from the years 1956 to 1963, we all went to the 'great gathering'.
Seven final years of restoration under the Elijah prophet of Malachi 4. We were restored to Eden and restored to Pentecost-a double portion. The restoration to Eden in the Spoken Word-Body and the restoration to Pentecost for the correct faith and doctrine. The Word of God is what pregnates us ... there had to be a status change into a Betrothed Bride for a short quick work. Then we progressed into a married wife producing children into the Third Coming Son of David Age. When the marriage actually came, we then had to adjust to go 'home into the palace' and live as a Wife with Him.
The New Age and the New Day in the New Palace brought on New Children for the Age and the time we are living in ... the Son of David Age. We found out that every move of God brings a leader, a spokesperson and always God regards him. There are extremes both ways in this truth. Pay no attention to the extremes; just walk in the middle of the road. Serve God with the men of God and He will bless you.
It wasn't lamb's blood that Israel came under the protection of, in that day. It was hearing the prophet Moses, accepting what he said, and acting upon what he said. Otherwise every firstborn male child died. The blood of the lamb did not save one first-born child: it was the obedience to the Word of the Prophet.
When those angels ripped the rocks out of the mountain at Mount Sunset-those pyramid shaped, three-cornered rocks represented us coming into the Earth. "When I see the blood, I will pass over you." Say it like this, "When I see the Word of Moses in you, I will pass over you. The blood is the Word".
We are the three-cornered rocks all over the Earth from Sunset Mountain ... 'ripped out of the mountain'. This Third Testament Age is 'the stone cut out of the mountain' that Daniel prophesied of for this Day. We have been ripped out of Sunset Mountain in pyramid, three corner-shaped stones ... and there are thousands of us all across the World.
This star was formed on July 29, 2013-by the aligning of six planets-all at 60 degree angles from one another-in a configuration for seven hours.

ISAIAH 60:1:  Arise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

When you allow the wrong people in your house, stuff will come up missing, like: joy, peace, love, hope, faith. (Yes, people steal these things) ... like peace and blessings!
We realized that we are operating in all seven dimensions continually as a Word-child of this Age. What did technology teach us? The fourth dimension is a record of everything! Tape recorders, vcr's, dictaphones, radios, televisions, satellites, computers, palm pilots, telephones, cell phones, pictures, ipads, ipods, Kendal, tablets and on and on.
You send messages into the 4th dimension. What Message do you want people to see and hear? The fourth dimension is the record of your 'books'! So when we read in Revelation 20 concerning the 'books' being opened, it is just saying that our 'books' are recorded in the fourth dimension. That dimension is a vivid record of a person's life. When we are living here in earth, our 'book' is open and playing what we are in those 'book's. Rejoice over the fact that the record of your natural 'book' in the fourth dimension is wiped away. Voices are annihilated in the sea of forgetfulness.
My two 'books' opened in February 8, 1954 and began to position themselves. They are still operating and will until the breath leaves this flesh body. Then it will go back into one 'book'. Every time you pull something into your life that is not good, you lose. You lose opportunity, time, relationships and such. It sometimes can never be renewed. Think about your voices, they travel.
There is an Eternal and a temporal. The Eternal is in the Sixth Dimension. They both started out in one mind, the Mind of God. One Book of Life, temporal, and another called the Lamb's Book of Life, created by the Eternal. They started out intertwined looking like one 'book' at the natural birth. When manifested, they are indeed two separate lives; two 'books'. In the end the old temporal 'book' is folded ... and it comes back to one 'book'.
After entering this time after the Ages, and learning the concepts of measurement in the Ages, we are able to section Eternity into pieces of time. We title these sections in many ways; sonships, dispensations, ages, generations and many other ways of pointing out certain attributes expressed. We see terms in the Bible that accurately place our Day, such as; "the great and notable Day of the Lord", "the Lord's Day" and "the great and dreadful Day of the Lord". Time is a precious tool of Eternity. [idobelieve: the Pisces Age , the Aquarian Age .... we appreciate our section of time.] Amen, Sister Elizabeth.
Aren't we use to "seven" being the number of completion? But now we have to come to grips with a totally new concept. More days than seven? More ages than seven? More messengers, more things to unroll and a greater unfolding occurring? God's Mind always surpasses the carnality of man. If man's mind can't define the framework and outlines of something, then he just can't think. We are the absolute proof that there are more days than seven! Now we have the responsibility of defining our Day ... let's do it.
The Holy Convocation, the Eighth Day, is not a new thing that just happened in our Day. The Eighth Day has manifested itself numerous times. Every time it appears, it is a glimpse of Eternity unfolding. The way that Eternity appears, is by slowing itself back until light can be caught, displaying itself in its colors. We actually have never left Eternity to enter time. What we did is create portals in which to slow ourselves back ... back to a speed that can alter, control and adjust the elements to display our image and character. Things that we see that prove this truth are pyramids, diamonds, crystals, rainbows, sunbows and other portals that allow the elements to be captured and imaged. Each of us have a receiver in us, that is, in fact, a portal that does the same thing for us in allowing us to slow down and measure our existence.
Yes, we have never left Eternity; we just are using a tool called time to measure where we are at in Eternity. I have said before that "time is a measurement of death". This is true and another truth is this; "time is a measurement of redemption". Now, I say that time is only a term to measure ourselves as a Theophany Civilization. Without this portal to enter a condition lower than the angels, we would never have developed the Eternal Attributes by using measurement. Now we know that "time is a measured part of Eternity". Time will help you know all things around you.
There was a new beginning after the ending, and that beginning was the Third Testament wherein the Eighth Day Revelation started breaking again ... and made an appearance. Now we have terms, titles, measurements and things to identify ourselves in yet another Day after the Second Testament.
It's plain to see that when a New Age breaks in the horizon and the sun rises, that New Day is going to be developed, defined and measured by the functional believers in that time. The new terms tie what God is doing into one Revelation. That one Revelation is how Christ and His Wife progressed through Her growth into full maturity. The matured Wife recognizes herself as one, united in this Raptured Age of Maturity. It is not until the intelligence of a person is developed that we can say that they are mature. The Mind of Christ took its position in the body, but the body had to move to maturity before that Mind was fully functional.
All the limitations were taken off of us at the Opening of the Seals, but then we had to mature in the Mind that we had received. Christ Himself being the Capstone, the Headstone, the Third Pull, and the Son of David reigning. Connecting the head and body makes a fully functional body ... up and walking. We are the Wife of Christ in full maturity understanding our purpose and testimony for this Notable Day of the Lord. We are witnesses of the Third Coming of Jesus Christ into the Earth. Intelligence is the Seventh Dimensional functioning within His fully functional Body.
It was the 'quickening power' that raised us up to look beyond our form in the 'pyramid'. It was 'white rock not written on'. We set our eyes on the "Intelligence", the "Headstone", that would come and fill that 'white rock' with new writings, a new Message, and a New Day! The 'quickening power 'unrolled everything Eternal and transformed us in His Intelligence. God wanted us to look at 'white rock with nothing written on it'. It took us time to do that.
We made ourselves ready by turning from the 'pyramid' and to receiving the Headstone to imprint His intelligence in us. This move brought 'the former and the latter rain' together, transforming us quickly. We have now grown up as 'calves in the stall' by 'eating the unfailing Body-Word of the former and latter rain'. What we are talking about is the greatest uniting of all time ... the body of believers with Christ; the 'pyramid' with the Headstone.
We set our eye on the Headstone and took our eye off the 'pyramid'. The Headstone is the New. The Sixth Dimensional Word-Body used Its Seventh Dimensional Mind to bring the second dimensional Body of the Lord into full functionality. The twain becoming one flesh ... 'those that God joined together let no man put asunder'.
The carnal mind was given us to contact the Earth with. It is no good for anything else. Use the Word-man and His mind to do everything else. [pure_grajo: Our human spirit is the Angel of Light now; it is our Helpmeet now.] Amen, Sister Purie, that is right! We don't have to "get rid" of our carnal mind. Use it for the things it was given to you for. Contact the Earth; work in the Earth with it. Use the Word-man for everything else.
The Third Pull is simple to see. It is the Capstone Ministry, not mystery! It is the Headstone coming down on the Ages and transforming the hidden mystery to the "real time ministry". The transformation matured us, revealing the Third Pull Ministry. We have an understanding of the mystery progressing to a real ministry by revelation. We know that the true ministry is here, operating in a full functional body.
Don't try to make the new terms anything other than "the Revelation of God being revealed in the Age we're living in". It's the Revelation of the Person of Jesus Christ in The Church. Always remember this, and if you are having trouble with a term, just make it Christ in His present living believers and watch it clear up your thinking.

There are three things that you have: 1. No control;  2. Influence;  3. Control.
1.  No Control - So many people spend so much time on "no control". When you can't control something, walk away from it and forget it. Just remove "no control" situations from you mind. You can't change them.
2.  Influence - It is the greatest of all. You can influence everything around you by every thing you say and do.
3.  Control - The things you have control of, you shouldn't have to spend much time on them. Get those things under control and then just tweek them once in a while.

So where should we be spending the large majority of our time? In 2, "influence".
"Influence" is a very powerful tool; use it wisely. [winst0n63: Amen; the greatest ingredient of influence is to be a good example.] Amen, Brother Winston. Our greatest single authority is-being a good example. I don't pay much attention to a person who is not a good example. [allan47: Amen, Brother Don, I told my family the same thing, the same words.] Amen, Brother Allan. Pay attention and time to the things you can influence; you will imprint people's lives.
We have measured, developed and defined our Age through Creation. We created terms to accent and accelerate the development of the Vision and Body that is living in this time. As we view these terms, think about how the Spirit brought a movement within us to open the Revelation through this language.
Here am I, send me.
* Wording in [ ] are comments made by listeners while this sermon was being aired on Paltalk.