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Dimensional Living

Part 7 - Removing Our Inferiority Complexes 1

Summary of Sermon Spoken on 18th May 2014 by Pastor Donald Parnell, Dayton, Ohio. U.S.A.

The Third Testament is the revelation of the three Sonships revealed in Earth. Christ came as Son of Man, Son of God and Son of David. In the First Testament He revealed Himself as Son of Man in the prophets of old. In the Second Testament He revealed Himself as Son of God in the body of the Church. In this Third Testament He is Revealing Himself as Son of David, reigning in the hearts of the people as King over their earth. We believe Jesus Christ is here again in the three Sonships, again revealing Himself.

HEBREWS 2:14:   Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; HEBREWS 2:15 And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage.

Jesus (the Father) the Pillar of Fire, partook of flesh and blood to deliver us from the fear of death. We no longer fear the death in the flesh because Jesus showed Himself alive forevermore. The devil is destroyed; and 'destroyed' means changed. We are no longer in bondage or the fear of death. Fear forms inferiority complexes. Fear forms and shapes a perverted vision. He became our example to show us that we can have the same experience, the same body, and we can go through and live forevermore.
"Inferiority Complex" - means a lack of self-worth, doubt, uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to standards. It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate, resulting either in spectacular achievement or extreme asocial behaviour. [1] Indicates a lack of covert self-esteem. [2] Developed through a combination of genetic personality characteristics and personal experiences.
Our everyday lives form different complexes based on all the foundational things of life. All these little issues form in our lives as we move through. The old creation is full of failures and confusion in our time of building character. The genetics is built into our lives through our parents.

THE INVISIBLE UNION OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST     Shreveport, Louisiana. Thursday, 25th November, 1965.
265.  You are the pure, virtuous, sinless Bride of the Son of the living God. Every man and woman that's born of the Spirit of God, and washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ, and believes every Word of God, stands as though you never sinned at the first place. You are perfect. The Blood of Jesus Christ!

All the old creation development is overridden and renovated. The Born Again experience puts us in the condition of this quote in The Invisible Union ... There is "nothing" wrong with you and we need to come to grips with that fact. Any other voice you just need to put it away. You are perfect!!!!!!!

268. Oh, that spiritual union of Christ and His Church now, when the flesh is becoming Word, and the Word is becoming flesh, manifested, vindicated. ...Where the Word becomes the Word. Call of the Holy Spirit, searching the hearts!

Which do you believe? The Prophet's Words about you or your feelings?
On February 28, 1963, the world observatories captured pictures of a mysterious Cloud that proved to be the meeting in the air and everyone in Christ was there. Psalm 27:6 was fulfilled: "And now shall mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me." This is May 17 and on May 17, 1963, this mystery was issued forth displaying the Seed in Celestial form in Life Magazine May 17, 1963 Issue.
Fulfilling the prophecy in Communion - "I predict that this has a spiritual application. I believe it's the coming in of the issue of God, that the great revelation of the Word will be opened during this time." (W.M.B.) - The "Issue of the Seed, the great revelation into the earth continues... We are the continuation." My "twofold" being is sinless now. Both bodies.
We have finished the Redemption process and its attributes. We need to work our way through the change of thinking in this area. Attributes of the Redemption process such as Intercessory, Mediatory, Propitiation, God, Partiality, Hierarchy, and many others reinforce feelings of the First and Second Testament limitations of imperfect, lacking, failing, fear of rejection, flaws and so on.
The Old Testament we served a God by commandment. The New Testament we had a intercessor and mediator for our imperfections and sins. In the Third Testament we become the Attributes and we are the Christ now.
We have built an "Inferiority Complex" by holding on to these processes after the Lord Jesus is finished with them. Great memorials are held in memory although the attributes cannot move us further now. Almost every time there is mention of our perfection, fullness, or sinless body, the next thing spoken is usually a warning that we are still imperfect, not complete, or all have sinned! This is our complex and we have to rid ourselves of it. A progression of revelation is important.

JOHN 10:30:  I and my Father are one. John 10:31:  Then the Jews took up stones again to stone him. John 10:33:  For a good work we stone thee not; but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God.

Look at the character of Jesus. No complexes lying there. He was straight forward in the revelation and who He was for the day.

8:24: I said therefore unto you, that ye shall die in your sins: for if ye believe not that I am he, ye shall die in your sins. John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

You need to know the same thing that Jesus knew in these Words. We are not inferior to anything! We all have the revelation to say, "I am the way, the truth and the life."

STANDING IN THE GAP     Jeffersonville Indiana. 23rd June 1965.
122.  I had built myself a complex, because the people didn't hear my Message. And if you'll... And God forbid that I'll try to compare the life of now like Moses, but it's exactly what Moses did. The people wouldn't listen to him when he come to deliver them, so he just left them alone and went into the wilderness, but God turned him around. And he had long forgot the suffering people.

I've learned a great deal from our Prophet William Branham and that is why I am relentless. I saw the complexes and the suffering of the Prophet and chose not to make those moves. I don't worry what the people think. I keep moving forward.

123.  And then I said, "Lord, if... How could I, that's right, with no education, with a grammar school education, be able? And the people would stand in rows and everywhere, to hear the simple Gospel." It's more, it's greater now than it was under the Old Covenant. He ascended on High and give gifts unto man. See? Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Then I was talking, and I heard It talking to me. And It left me.

Moses, with a speech impediment, rejected, ran out of Egypt ... built complexes.

173.  ...Pray that God will place into my heart that something that I lost out there in that complex. It's so easy to build a complex. I had an interview the other day with my Brother Way sitting here, standing here in front. A good man, but built hisself around a complex, another kind of a complex, did the same thing.

When you build complexes you "lose". You limit yourself every time you do it. Start rebuilding everything that you've lost and get back those things that are rightfully yours.

Brother Way, you can so easily do it; it's you just get a little something in your mind, keep thinking that way. Go back and check it with the Scripture, and see if it's right or not, and then go from there on. Yeah. Don't lose the feeling of the people. See? You must remember they're not made out of sawdust. They are flesh and blood, human beings and a soul. Pray for me, all of you, if you will. God bless you now.

There is nothing better than you, smarter than you, or anything better than you. Drop the thoughts that build complexes when it is still in the 'white horse' form and is a bow with no arrows. Once you start building the blocks for a full complex it destroys you and the people around you. When you think better of yourself then you will think better of others. Being human is part of being perfect. The service is at its end and J.T. Parnell speaks to William Branham.

174.  Pardon? [Brother Parnell says, "Brother Branham, I have something I'd like to say, just take me a half a second."--Ed.] Okay, brother. [Brother Parnell tells about a dream he had dreamed.] Praise be to God! This is a minister. Somebody might not know. And he was one of the group that, I didn't have time this morning, that was in one of those dreams, speaking of me going the other way, see, going West, going out West on this last time. Brother J.T. Parnell.

J.T. Parnell dreamed that he saw a rod lying in an old logging road as he was walking in the woods. A voice spoke to him and said, "That is the Rod of Moses", and he held it in his hand. Then he picked it up and the voice said, "This is the Rod of William Branham and give it back to him". J.T. speaks to William Branham and says, "I give you back your Rod in the name of Jesus Christ." Immediately the Rod of Moses, the leadership was given back to him.

175.  The Lord be blessed. That helped me, Brother J.T., to believe that... God didn't tell me go out now and compromise with sin; but just go out and just keep on doing. See?
176.  Let us pray now. Brother... [A sister in the congregation cries out--Ed.]... Someone fainted. Just a minute. Sit still, everybody. See? [Brother Branham leaves the pulpit and goes down into the congregation.]
177.  Heavenly Father, let Thy mercy and goodness be with Brother Way. In the Name of Jesus Christ, may he come back. Give him back, Lord, and give him strength and health. So help me, his heart starts beating again! Be still, everybody, and just pray. Lord Jesus, let Thy goodness and mercy be with Brother Way, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

There is the Rod of Moses the leadership back. Get rid of your complexes and watch the power return to you that you feel you have lost. Any time you are trying to pull back from the move of the Holy Spirit you are giving in to your complexes. Stand in your position and enjoy your place in the Lord.

178.  It's over. As I stand here on this altar, where funerals has been preached. Where I stand here, where hundreds of people has prayed through to Christ. I reached out, his eyes was set, his pulse was gone. And no more than called the Name of Jesus Christ, and his pulse started coming back again. Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! As a minister of the cross, I say that in the Name of Jesus Christ. Isn't He wonderful? A heart attack. See? I'm so thankful it happened just now, instead of wait till we got away. See the grace of God? The Lord be blessed!

Drop your complexes. You are the best at what you do. You were supernaturally put into your position. Be the best in it; don't try to be something in someone else's.

179.  Heavenly Father, we thank You now for Your goodness and Your mercy. You are ever in our midst. Give me, Lord, Oil in my lamp. Give me the Rod of the Lord, that I might stretch It out, up over the sick and afflicted. That I might bring it out upon... to bring deliverance to those who are needy, and judgment to those who are rejecting It. Grant it, Father. We thank You for all Your goodness, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

THE FLASHING RED LIGHT OF THE SIGN OF HIS COMING     Jeffersonville, Indiana. 23rd June, 1963.
25.  This morning I had preached at length, way over my time, and tired and worn. And there could be two things. He either got tired, or when I spoke of having a complex, not just to mess my brother up, as we'd say it, because I was making my confession of having complex. And I guess if I'd ask tonight, in this audience of people, "How many in here knows you have complex?" practically every hand would go up.

We need to take our inheritance and drop those things outside of that inheritance.

That you might know, Brother Way, just let me show you whether it's discernment or not. How many knows that you got a complex, raise your hand. Look at there! See? But I don't know if that shock of me saying that to Brother Way, taking it like I might be rebuking him or something, then, that he fell into this condition, and the Lord Jesus brought him back.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 4     Jeffersonville, Indiana. Conduct, Order & Doctrine Book. 30th August, 1964.
1159-Q-389 389.  When a person realizes he has an inferior complex, or some sort of complex, how may he overcome this? Should it be if he was the only child caused this in his early youth? Take exactly the opposite. If you're always wanting your way, and that one little brat that wants to always have everything your way, turn right back around and give everything you got the other way. If you're selfish and you want to hold everything, then start giving away what you got. See? Do whatever--just go the vice versa. That's the way to overcome anything is an antidote.

Look at the prophet's answer. We need to get over our inferiority complex that we developed coming through the first two Testaments. Those were inferior Testaments for our learning. They needed something greater to reveal itself. This Testament is beyond that. Let's step on up to our privileges. This is the greater Day.
I am the Word of the Hour. I am The Word part for this Day walking in earth, a living Lord Jesus, the Christ. So, if I need to call Christ on the scene what do I do, call on the part that is not me and see if it answers? Do I call on the Word of Luther? Do I call on the Word of Wesley? Where do I approach for my need? - Think about it.
Don't let an old creation and its limitations rule you. You are Born Again and those genetics are gone, you have a new Father, the Heavenly Father has His genetics in me now. My Father is the Lord Jesus, the Pillar of Fire. I'm packing His genetics. There are no issues in His genetics.
We have been changed. The entire Universe took the change that happened moving us into The Third Testament. I want to help you understand how. Let's get through the first two acts. They are over. I have made the change. Let me help you through the thick veil of the first two acts. This is the Third Act in the earth. It is not the same as the first two. This is altogether different.

FAITH IS THE SUBSTANCE     Oakland, California. 12th April, 1947.
E-75.  Pentecost people has been praying for the last thirty or forty years for a gift of healing. ...And they are crying and crying and cried for years for God to restore the gift of Divine healing to the church. And when God moved the orbits thirty-seven years ago, and foreordained it and sent it, many hundreds of people are passing by without recognizing it, friends. Now, it's brought to pass.

The Universe changed; the galaxy changed and it changed everything! The change had already happened and it took almost 40 years to bring the gift of healing into the Earth. Everything changed in 1962 at the orbital planet changes in May. Everything changed again in 2002 at the planetary changes in the orbits. We are not waiting on the change.
There is only one consequence for not passing through the veil. It is not a threat, it is a fact. You can ignore the facts but you cannot change the facts. Come through and live. It is already manifested by faith that we can pass through and that there is life on the backside of the two veils.
We showed the diagram of the Sun Dial and emphasized the Water, Fire and Air signs that have come into view in this Day. In the message, The Stature of a Perfect Man - the Prophet placed the Bride of Christ under the sign of "Cancer" on the Sun Dial. Cancer is a "Water" Sign. The Wife was in the Water.
According to Astrology, and the movement of the Sun Dial over the last 20,000 years, the Sun in 1963 was in the house of "Pisces". Pisces is a "Water" sign. The Galaxy was in the Water. In 1961, the planet Pluto moved into place within the Galaxy to become the planet with the most influence in the Earth and its next generation. Pluto - The planet ruling Scorpio. Scorpio is a "Water" sign ... the earth was immersed in Water. The entire Universe was immersed in "Water" once again.
Earth = Pisces.
Heavens = Pluto.
Bride of Christ = Cancer.
Visitation of the angel - March 2003 - Water and Fire would be the change.
1963 - March - At the Opening of the Seals there was a great move of Fire. The prophet stepped to the platform and Fire proceeded from his mouth. William Branham - April 6, 1909 - Aries; Jesus Christ - April 6, - Aries - Aries is a "Fire" sign.
When he opened those Seals, look who came forth from behind the Veil into the Earth. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah - Leo the Lion. - The House of "Leo" is a "Fire" sign. We see in the Houses of the Zodiac "Three Water Signs"; Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio engulfing the Earth and Universe.
We see two "Fire" signs entering the Earth together in 1963. We see William Branham and Jesus Christ bringing Aries and Leo into the Earth to explode the planet and burn it off for the next Message. Sagittarius, Aries and Leo, the fire signs. And where did it explode us into? We exploded into the "Meeting in the Air".
The Sun went into "Aquarius" and a New Age dawned in the earth - The Age of Aquarius. Aquarius is an "Air" sign. The ministry of Aquarius is in the Earth exploded by Leo and Aries. Aquarius - Leadership ministry - Gemini - Leadership ministry - Libra - The Connecting Ministry to bring together Rueben and Benjamin. The Libra brought together the Aquarius and the Gemini. Philippines, New Zealand. When Rueben and Benjamin come together, it was about Joseph. Joseph went with me in this trip. Joseph ministry went quickly out into the earth to take its position and preserve his kindred.
Joseph's two sons took the position in the Tribes to become the "Two Horns" of the Bull - "Taurus" - Ephraim & Manasseh - Taurus. "The Taurus Moon" on display - The Blood Moon - Joseph had to leave half way through the mission to the Southern Cross - The separation is over. The Lord Jesus uses you and me to fulfill His Word. He is doing it using us! Remove your complexes toward one another and look at who you are.

EPHESIANS 2:5:  Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved)

You were changed with the universe. You exploded with it. You are doing it even when you didn't know or understand.

2:7:  That in the ages to come he might shew the exceeding riches of his grace in his kindness toward us through Christ Jesus.

The change has already been completed and we have all been caught up together in the change - everyone - the entire universe! Now is the next change - Wherein Paul and William Branham spoke. And wherein the Angel was clear to me that we already were the Body.

CORINTHIANS 15:51 - 52:  Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

Universal change, then a change in personal understanding.

15:53:  For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.

Recognizing we are incorruptible and our two-fold being is everything that it needs to be. Any time that you set yourself up for propitiation, you are giving yourself an inferior complex. When something tells you that you are wrong (gives you an inferior complex) speak back to it and tell it that you are alright! - Talk to the inside man and let Him walk you through.

THE INVISIBLE UNION OF THE BRIDE OF CHRIST       Shreveport, Louisiana. Thursday, 25th November, 1965.
269.  You're standing, completely. You never sinned at the first place. God don't even know. It's in the Sea of Forgetfulness. You never did it. You were accused of it, by the accuser. But really, from the beginning, you were predestined to be a son and daughter of God. You're standing there, washed. And your old book of divorcement is put away, and it's dead, absolutely out of existence, not even in the mind of God.
270.  You're the virtuous Bride of Christ, washed in the Blood of Christ. Precious, virtuous, sinless Son of God standing with a pure, unadulterated Bride-Word that He washed by the Water of His Own Blood; that become flesh and manifested, that He might take you which were predestined in the bosom of the Father, before the beginning, the same as He was. He was that great attribute of God, called "love."

[pure_grajo: We are in a different Garden of Eden condition now than Adam; we are bypassing the human spirit ... see what a beautiful garden we can create.] That is correct Sister Purie. In the old creation we bypassed our Theophany and in the New Creation we bypass the life in the blood - the human spirit. It is still in there but it doesn't rule us. Even though we bypassed the Theophany, it was in there all the time. Now we are bypassing the life in the blood, the human spirit and it is in there all the time.

272.  Your first wedding was annulled. It was. You never done it, in the first place. Because, there's only one thing could do it, that would be God come down, Himself, and took your place in a form of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and washed you by the Water, of the washing of the Water by the Word. The Word; not the denomination! The Word washed you. But if you won't stand in the Water of the Word, how you going to be washed? You're still as spotted as Eve was.

Yes, amen. Those who reject count themselves unworthy of eternal life. That is Paul's Words. Shalom, The Lord Jesus keep you always. Good day to all.
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